February 27, 2021

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Kaboo casino – Special Halloween Promotion

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It’s almost Halloween on Kaboo – and we’re ready to hit you with one of our most exciting promotions ever!

We dare you to enter the Haunted House. Each new room will challenge you with a mission, and reward you with Echoes if you complete the mission.

To enter a new room you need to finished the one you’re currently in. Everyone who manage to leave the Haunted House, by walking through all 8 rooms and finishing all the missions before November 20th, will get 200 Echoes as an additional reward!

These are the 8 rooms you have to walk through:

Friday 28.10: The Hallway

You’ve taken the first step – now sprint across the Hallway by making 2000 spins on Hitman, Universal Psycho and/or The Invisible Man at a min. € 0.4 per spin. You will be rewarded with 50 Echoes.

Monday 31.10: The Conservatory

You’ve entered the Conservatory. To get out of this room you need to make a deposit of min. €50. Once you’ve completed that transaction you will get 10 Echoes, and access to the bloody Kitchen…

Tuesday 1.11: The Kitchen

The Kitchen is open for business… If you want to make it out of here before you become dinner you’ll need to wager €250 on Witch Pickings, Ragnarok and/or Grim Muerto. You will be rewarded with 25 Echoes and access to the next challenge; The Nursery.

Saturday 5.11: The Nursery

Beware of ghosts… The ghosts of the children that lived here won’t let you leave until you’ve played 2000 spins on Dracula, Happy Halloween and/or Wild Bloodat at a min. €0.4 per spin. If you follow their rules they’ll send you on your way to the Landing with 50 Echoes.

Tuesday 8.11: The Landing

Don’t get stuck! Getting off the Landing can be more difficult than you’d think. To make it across you will need to wager €250 on Frog Grog, Book of Dead and/or Twisted Circus. Your reward will be 25 Echoes and free passage to the Library.

Saturday 12.11: The Library

Careful now… You’ve made it into the labyrinth of the Library, but to make it out again you will need to deposit at least €50, once you’ve completed that you will be rewarded with 10 Echoes and access to the Drawing Room.

Monday 14.11: The Drawing

Ignore the whispers… Focus on the mission at hand and you will be fine. To leave this dark place you need to play 2000 spins on Mythic Maiden, Game of Thrones and/or Poltava at at a min. €0.4 per spin. Your reward will be 50 Echoes and access to the Bathroom.

Monday 17.11: The Bathroom

It’s the last challenge. You’ve made it to the last room and though it may seem strange, your way out of the Haunted House is through the Bathroom. To avoid being discovered you must wager €250 on Rage to Riches, Lost Vegas and/or Red Ridinghood that will earn you 25 Echoes instantly, your freedom and a bonus of 200 Echoes to be paid out on Monday the 21.11!

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