December 4, 2020

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Izanami – Geisha Garden – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

1 min read

Izanami- Geisha Garden CasinoSaga Boss

Izanami – Geisha Garden

Short characteristics:

  • Excellent in: Geisha Wonders
  • Her treasure: the Geisha dresses
  • Personality type: socializer
  • Tone of voice: gentle and intelligent

Long version:

Having experienced the Geisha lifestyle, meeting many different and interesting people along the way, Izanami wanted the opportunity to find a new passion— the casino games. She was introduced to the casino games early on and she excelled at all of them. Although lately she has started liking the Sushi Box game, she has a special skill in one specific game, the Geisha Wonders game. She feels most at home when she plays that game.
Izanami has two big treasures, her long beautiful hair and her exceptional Geisha dresses. She enjoys drinking teas, eating sushi, having good conversations and playing games with friends. Due to her previous profession, she has acquired a vast knowledge and gentle demeanor.

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