February 27, 2021

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Introducing Balls and Brains at Betser

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Betser is right around the corner (we promise), and we want to tell you a bit about how we will reward you; with Balls and Brains. We can hear you asking; have you been down to the pub too much? No, we just want to give you something more! Balls for showing us you’ve got guts with high odds, and Brains for showing us you’re the calculated kind who prefers the lower odds. Sounds brilliant, right?


You then take your points to the Betser Store, where you can find free bets and free spins. Do you have Balls or Brains? Or both? It’s all up to you.


We are also happy to let the world know who won in the Tre Kronor jersey draw:

Antonia A, Eric F, Erik B, Freddy, Jonas E, Leroy B, Robin O, Rickard J, Ann-Sofie G, Andreas J, Albin R, Anna M, Thommy T, Marcus U.


Unique from all other sports books, Betser is introducing ‘Balls and Brains’, which rewards the player’s courage and skills.
The concept is built on something every player will recognize: Balls – trusting your gut feeling betting on a long shot; and Brains – a more calculated bet minimizing risk. But remember — a winning bet is always smart, you cannot argue with a winner.
Depending on your betting style, you will be rewarded with Balls or Brains that will impact your player profile. Your Balls and Brains can also be exchanged for free bets and free spins in the Locker room.

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