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Insights about the SagaCasino

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Insights about the SagaCasino
Insights about the SagaCasino

The King of Sagaville is super happy as the evil Betser has been finally defeated by a Casino Hero! We have three Hero Champions that have beaten Betser! Big congratulations to these brave HeroesOllebull”, “Tryeme” and “Spelvinnare”!!!


Read below for a small introduction from our three Heroes:


“Ollebull” by being the first Casino Hero that defeated Betser, has made history on Saga Islands. “Ollebull” couldn’t believe his eyes when he beat Betser. He screamed out so loud his wife came into the room wondering what was happening. 

“Ollebull” says that playing at Casino Saga is quite different and that it is a saga and a journey where he finds himself loving to chase points and moving forward. He only plays at Casino Saga these days. 

During his journey so far he has won over 5 000€ and also received 1 500€ extra and the chance to come visit the team to have a special preview about the continuation of the saga.“Ollebull” beat Betser 3-2 in his first fight in what was a close game indeed.


“Tryeme” is the second Casino Hero that beat the furious dragon from Treasure Mountain. “Tryeme” initially thought that the Boss Fights were very challenging but at the end he defeated the last Boss by using his lucky charms.

He loves Casino Saga for all the additional prizes that one can win during Boss Fights. For his great performance Tryeme was rewarded with 500€ and his story will be soon available to you all in the hall of fame.


“Spelvinnare” is the third ambitious Casino Hero who reached Treasure Mountain and struck the dragon. With the bonuses and Free Spins that he got from the Boss Fights, “Spelvinnare” made his way towards the Saga Island until he met Betser.

Beating boss Modorion gave him a bonus of 500€ and he could play on and reach the last Saga Islands’ boss. His favourite games are Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest.

As a reward for his fantastic journey, “Spelvinnare” got 500€ and his story will also be available soon on Casino Saga’s site in the hall of fame.

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