December 4, 2020

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Hypnotizing Hilda – Woodville region – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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Hypnotizing Hilda- Woodville region CasinoSaga Boss

Hypnotizing Hilda – Woodville region

Short characteristics

  • Excellent in: Sugar Pop
  • Her treasure: Her power of conviction and external charm
  • Personality type: An achiever
  • Tone of voice: smoky, sensual, mysterious

Long Version

Hilda is that kind of woman who uses her appearance to manipulate others into doing whatever she wants.
When she landed in Saga Islands, she was able to convince Betser that she would be a good protective boss for him. Her biggest secret is her power of conviction and external charm, which is how she gets most things in life. Her smoky, yet sensual and mysterious voice also helps a lot when she is up against stiff competition.

When it comes to casino games, she has her favorite: Sugar Pop. Even though it is a new game, she has managed to stand out with high scores. Her previous game was Groovy 60s, but since Sugar Pop came to Saga Islands, Hilda couldn’t resist the chance to play and become the best. She is very competitive and when Sugar Pop started to get more and more popular, she started to get many adversaries. She feels so proud every time she gets to show off her skills. Do you dare to try and defeat her?

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