January 20, 2021

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Hot Winter Gifts from PlayAmo!

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December is finally here – we are on the homestretch for a new year and about to say farewell to this one! Winter holidays are ahead, and here at PlayAmo we think one should get ready for those in advance.


This is why we ALREADY PREPARED our presents FOR YOU. The rest of 2016 will be dedicated to giving them out, and on New Year’s Eve we’ll be presenting our holiday mega prize to it rightful winner!

And now… make sure you pay attention. This December we came up with three (!) iPhone 7’s, 10 000 Euro and most importantly – full package trip to Thailand for two!!!

Want even more good stuff? That’s easy: during the first days of January we will hold a bonus draw with 10,000 free spins being given out!


We are convinced that a massive celebration is the only possible way to do it!

Ready to dive in the New Year’s Eve madness and get a huge volume of gifts from PlayAmo?!


The New Year’s gifts will be up for grabs starting December 1st and up until the December 28t. We will determine the winners once a week in our betting race. The rules are simple – €1 is equivalent to 1 point. Your goal is to earn as many of those points as possible by the end of the week to be one of the top players sharing the prize pool!

For the first three weeks of December, iPhone 7 will be the main prize, plus 25 most active players will divvy up the €2,500. Here is how the money will be divided by places:

1st place – iPhone 7
2nd place – €500
3rd place – €400
4th place – €200
5th place – €100
6th – 10th place – €80
11th – 15th place – €70
16th – 20th place – €60
21th – 25th place – €50

As for the fourth and last week of December that welcomes a new year… Well, it will be quite intriguing! Instead of a smart phone as the main prize, we will be giving away a trip to Thailand for two – our extra special holiday gift. And obviously, 25 best participants of the betting race will still be divvying up the €2,500.

So get ready! Let us remind you that the first round of the race starts on December 1st. With PlayAmo holidays arrive early, last longer and remain in your memory for excellent gifts!

…and yet this is not all.


Can you see a countdown timer in the top part of the page? It’s there for a reason. It’s counting down to the beginning of a GRAND NEW YEAR’S LOTTERY that will be held in 2017 and give you chance to get your share of the 10,000 free spins!

The draw will be held on the first days of January, and it will be open to all those with special tickets. You can receive a ticket like that for any deposit of at least RUB1,000/$20/€20/CAD25/AUD25/SEK200 or 0.01 BTC, made any time during December.

The number of tickets per account is not limited. Plus you get 1 ticket for every $20/€20 of your deposit. For example, a deposit of $100/€100 gives you 5 guaranteed tickets to the draw therefore increasing your chances to win.

Winners will be randomly determined by the computer amongst the ticket holders.

50 winners will share 10 000 free spins:
Main prize

1,000 free spins!
Additional prizes

1 – 10th place – 500 free spins
11th – 20th place – 250 free spins
21st – 50th place – 50 free spins

As you can see, not only do we have ambitious pre-holiday plans, we already prepared prizes FOR NEXT YEAR. Spend this December with us and see for yourself – PlayAmo knows what our players truly desire.

Our special New Year’s adventure begins! Follow our updates, play and win big!

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