December 1, 2020

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Holy-Hathor – Treasure Pyramids – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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Holy-Hathor- Treasure Pyramids CasinoSaga Boss

Holy-Hathor- Treasure Pyramids

Short characteristics:
Excellent in: Madder Egyptian Heroes
Her treasure: huge spear
Personality: socializer
Tone of voice: strong but warm, happy

Long version:
Holy Hathor’s passion for Casino Games led her to become a professional in the Egyptian Heroes game. She has a strong yet warm personality, to go along with her huge determination. Due to her Egyptian background, she still believes that joy and happiness are legitimate goals in life. However, thanks to casino games, she gained a fighter attitude that comes naturally whenever she competes or is challenged.
Just like the Ancient Egyptians, Holy Hathor enjoys company and friendship. When she moved to Saga Islands she became good friends with her neighbor Ah-Peku, whom she not only shares the love and respect for the pyramids, but also a competitive spirit. Her gamer type is “socializer”.

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