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The official bonus offer for new customers are often not enough for high rollers who want to make large bets. For this reason, some online casinos have come up with increased offers for high rollers, the High Roller Bonus. You will automatically receive such special bonuses as you continually improve your status in the VIP Club through regular play. You can also contact customer support and ask for such a bonus.

The special thing about the High Roller Bonus is actually the height. Since there is usually a 100 percent bonus on a deposit in online casinos, the bonus is of course higher, the higher the deposit amount is. With the then available bankroll lucrative profits are possible especially in games with high payout rates. However, it must also be said that the best online casinos in the industry make no difference between high roller bonus and welcome bonus. This is simply because they are financially well placed to provide all players with a high bonus.

Is it worth to become a high roller player?

High Roller CasinosThe rewards and benefits associated with becoming a VIP in an Internet high roller casino are appealing and desirable to any online casino user. However, one also has to ask the question of whether the benefits outweigh the costs. We can safely assume that the online casinos will statistically take considerably more money from you than they will ultimately pay you back.

This is the business concept of an online casino that, like any other company, pursues a profit-making goal. If you want to permanently maintain your VIP status and secure various rewards, you must always stay on the ball and often play with appropriate stakes, as the rating as a VIP player is always new.

Regardless, a true VIP casino player does not play for the rewards the casino offers to its high rollers. Anyone who likes to play with high limits anyway and does so, regardless of whether there are benefits for VIP players or not, can only win, after all, the VIP rewards are then a welcome plus, which additionally pleases one. Players who turn their bankroll management on the VIP Casino program, ultimately, a disappointment.

Top Casinos for High Roller players

Comparing the VIP programs of High Roller online casinos can sometimes be a big challenge. Numerous factors play a role, while the information you need is often difficult to access. Here we benefit from our years of experience in this area. Based on our experience and knowledge, we have been able to create a clear list of online casinos that know how to handle High Roller.

Also in terms of casino software, customer service and banking, these are among the best providers. Benefit from our know-how and register for free in your favourite casino. All you have to do is take the next step and make the first deposit to follow the path to becoming a VIP player.

Paradise Casino 200% up to €10,000
TempleNileCasino 200% Match Bonus Up to €500
DreamVegas Casino 200% Match Bonus Up to €2500
Goliath CasinoGet up to €1200 in bonuses
NySpins Casino Amazing €1000 Welcome Bonuses

How do high rollers play?

High Roller CasinosA high roller has a big advantage: a thick bankroll. This is especially important if you play a long strategy and have to have a correspondingly long breath for them to pay off the bets.

High rollers also like to stay among themselves: they want to play with people who can use as much as they do.

You often see that in films: the high rollers get a completely different and much more discreet service. This is not only important for the high rollers, but also for the other players who could not keep up with a small bankroll at a poker table at all.

In addition, the limits are quite different, for example. For high rollers, limits are sometimes raised quite a bit – or even completely removed. Of course, the games will be more exciting, but it will be hard for someone with a smaller budget to keep up.

How to become a high roller?

High Roller CasinosThat’s why there are extra rooms for high rollers – in the casino on land, but also online – with special bonuses and guaranteed privacy. High rollers can expect personal service because they make a lot of money in the casino. They are considered the “secret celebrities” in the casinos and can multiply their already high stakes in a few minutes. Most of them can only dream of that!

You have to meet certain criteria as a high roller – so spend a certain amount or even climb in online casinos a certain level of the VIP system. Normally, the casino comes to the players on their own to tell them that they are considered high rollers and have played for certain bonuses freely.

Unfortunately, you can not just become a high roller by playing a bit more than usual. The high roller always has to use a certain amount to qualify for this status. The best way to compare this with the status miles at an airline: it is not easy at all to get a high title, and always has something to do with money.

Welcome bonus for a high roller

At many online casinos you will receive a welcome bonus immediately after registration . The amount of such a bonus varies depending on the casino. In a number of casinos you will receive a large number of free spins or free play money. It does not matter what kind of player you are. As a so-called high roller, it can be nice for you, if you also get a big bonus on your account after a high deposit.

Do you always play with big sums? Then it would be advantageous if you take a closer look at the respective bonuses before signing up for an online casino. For example, there is also a VIP program. Of course, your welcome bonus can be a bit lower than you hoped. The benefits of a VIP program for players who play hard are often much higher. To qualify for a High Roller Bonus, you must first deposit the appropriate amount into your player account.

VIP Casino Bonus

If you want to use the VIP program offered at the casino of your choice, you will face a number of conditions. These vary by casino and also determine when you qualify for a High Roller Bonus. In a number of casinos is also working with a kind of level system. The more you play and the higher the amounts you bet, the sooner you can use the high roller bonus at a higher level. A number of other high roller casinos only look at your current gaming behavior and can invite you to a VIP program on this basis.

If you as a player are affiliated with the VIP program of the online casino, then you can benefit from even more advantages than just the High Roller Bonus. As a VIP player you often get privileges like an account manager who is always ready for you.

In order to be invited as a VIP player or to qualify for a High Roller Bonus, you do not necessarily have to deposit a large amount into the account. Even if you can make a lot of profit with a small bet and you fulfill the conditions of the casino in your further gaming behavior, you can reach the level of a high roller. There is a possibility for every budget to qualify for the High Roller Bonus. There is also the possibility that you can enjoy the High Roller Bonus if you often deposit money into your account. This option is independent of your gaming behavior or game success.