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Hey Series of Poker Season 2 – Event 1 – Montesino, Vienna 22nd-25th March 2012

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Hey Series of Poker Season 2 – Event 1 – Montesino, Vienna 22nd-25th March 2012

Hey Series of Poker Season 2 – Event 1 – Montesino, Vienna 22nd-25th March 2012The second season of the Hey Series of Poker (HESOP), was held in the beautiful city of Vienna at the Montesino Card Room, as well as side events, the star attraction was the main event, the €50,000 Guaranteed, with starting stacks of 20,000 chips, comfortable blinds and an affordable buy in of just €135.00 the event attracted players from all over Europe from casual players to professionals. The event was held over four days, with two day ones, a day two and the final day. What also made this event unique was the fact that if you lost all your chips, players were permitted a re-entry for €120.00 gaining them a new seat and starting stack. Amongst the players were some key people, including Poland’s premier popstar, Michał Wiśniewski as well as Australian pro, recently returned to Europe, Yann ‘topdeck’ Pauchon.

Day 1A saw a total of 233 poker players sit down to battle it out for the prestigious title and with a further 25 re-entries on the day saw a total prize pool of €30,960. Starting at 19:00 CET, the atmosphere was electric, action endless and play went into the early hours where finally when down to 52 players who were guaranteed a seat in Day 2, play was brought to the end. The top three chip leaders for the day was home grown Austrian Rado Angel with a stack of 314000 and nipping at his heels were Pawel Switazski and Grzegorz Cichocki with stacks of 213500, 211500 respectively.

Day 1B attracted a further 270 players and an amazing 37 re-entries, taking the prize pool to an amazing €67,800. Once again starting at 19:00 CET, there were no shortage of action and once again the atmosphere was tremendous, as play commenced into the early hours , bad beats, sick hands emerged, one in particular was a Swedish player who made a Full House with Pocket 9s – Flop 10 9 3 Turn 3 only to be decimated by a player with pocket 10s and to make it even worse a ten coming on the river for his Full House crushed by quads, although he made a valiant attempt of a comeback, doubling up his short stack on the very next hand, he disposed of his initial stack and took advantage of a re-entry, with a new seat and 20,000 chip (and hopefully a kinder new deck). As Day 1B came to a close there was a total of 114 players qualifying for Day 2 and a new chip leader emerging, again another Austrian, Severin Schleser with 352,000 Chips followed by Rado Angel 314,000 (Day 1A Chipleader) and to make it an Austrian Full House for the top 3, Martin Nachtigal on 259,000 chips.

DAY 2 Starting at the earlier time of 14:00 CET, blinds began at 2000 / 4000 Ante 500 and the average chip stack was 100,000. In the first few minutes of the commencement of day 2 seven players took their exit as short stacks attempted to double up and the bigger stacks took advantage and only 90 minutes into the day the field was reduced to 67 players, all playing for a slice of the €67,800 distributed amongst the final 57 players and we reached the bubble two hours into the day with the short stack player moving all in with Ace King to be called by Pocket Sixes, the flop came down 2 8 Ten giving no help to the AK and with a Jack on the turn followed by the river of a 9, the pocket sixes hold, guaranteeing everyone a place in the money. With next the exiting player receiving €260.00. Action continued throughout the day and as we neared the final day (18 players) we saw Michał Wiśniewski finishes 27th, as blinds were 10k 20k Ante 2k and within a couple of more levels DAY 2 draws to a close with 18 players going through to the final day.



Hey Series of Poker (HESOP) Final Day, Montesino, Vienna With only 2 tables playing and 18 players competing the Final Day began at 14:00 CET. Initial play was very tight and saw mainly blinds being taken (Blinds started at 12k 24k antes 3k), walks and very little action, losing our first player 20 minutes into the day, as the game played out, shorts stacks were being eliminated and seeing the familiar coin flips for example we lose a player all in with 77 vs AK Flop 396 Turn K – River Jack now down to 15 players and within another hour we are down to just nine players and a break before the tournament is resumed on the final table. We eventually get down to the final three players, Pawel Chojnowski, Paul Schwarz and Severin Schleser (Day 1B Chip Leader) who agree on a deal and play for an additional €2000.00, trophy and bragging rights, after a fierce battle Polish player Pawel Chojnowski emerges victor and is crowned The Hey Series of Poker Season 2 Vienna Champion.


PlaceNameNationPrizeAfter Deal
1ChojnowskiPawelPOL€ 14.270€ 10.750
2SchwarzPaulAUT€ 8.420€ 7.540
3SchleserSeverinAUT€ 5.790€ 10.180
4KedlReneAUT€ 4.050
5KrumplMichaelAUT€ 2.890
6FoukalJaromirAUT€ 2.250
7Tajner-IdzikDominikaPOL€ 1.930
8CzarnotaMichalPOL€ 1.610
9BarglikJaroslawPOL€ 1.290
10HeitzerPatrickAUT€ 1.090
11NikolicDraganAUT€ 1.090
12CichockiGrzegorzPOL€ 1.090
13JenischMarkusAUT€ 840
14TrojnackiMarcinPOL€ 840
15KratochvilKurtAUT€ 840
16AngelRadoAUT€ 640
17AurelTomaROM€ 640
18SchneiberReinhardAUT€ 640
19GaluskinAlexeyPOL€ 480
20KailaDamienPOL€ 480
21KielonMichazPOL€ 480
22MironczukKrzystofPOL€ 480
23PauchonYannSUI€ 480
24GolaszewskiAdrianPOL€ 480
25KönigshoferDietmarAUT€ 480 
26HaiderBernhardAUT€ 480
27BlaschkeManuelAUT€ 480
28WisniewskiMichalPOL€ 390
29WernerMichalPOL€ 390
30SchellererKonstantinAUT€ 390
31RaulsAdriannaGER€ 390
32AndreadakisStavrosGER€ 390
33NguyenThanhAUT€ 390
34ErzijnPiotrHUN€ 390
35MezelGergelyHUN€ 390
36FernandesMarcoGER€ 390
37EderAlexanderAUT€ 320
38StedingMatthiasGER€ 320
39BösYilmazGER€ 320
40SwitalskiPawelPOL€ 320
41ZgincaChristianAUT€ 320
42WitkowskiLukaszPOL€ 320
43DoboszKamilPOL€ 320
44BalazsSzalayHUN€ 320
45TaubenschussThomasAUT€ 320
46PfingsterMartinAUT€ 290
47ForcheJürgenAUT€ 290
48WassermannChrisAUT€ 290
49SchüttDennisAUT€ 290
50MuckMilanCZE€ 290
51LonOndrejCZE€ 290
52KirschbaumerErwinAUT€ 290
53KlysMiroslawPOL€ 290
54JevticSrdanSLO€ 290
55ChalupkaPavelAUT€ 260
56WitczakAndrzejPOL€ 260
57GluszkoTomaszPOL€ 260


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