February 27, 2021

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Happy 15th Birthday CasinoEuro

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CasinoEuro may be a teenager, but instead of spending days in our darkened bedroom listening to The Smiths, desperately trying to grow into our awkward-sized limbs, we’ve been busy spreading happiness and blossoming into one of Europe’s favourite fun spots.

A lot happened back in 2002: The Euro became legal tender, NASA’s Mars Odyssey began mapping the surface of Mars, and Avril Lavigne achieved overnight success by essentially complaining in a skate park.

But all of these things pale in comparison to the birth of CasinoEuro. Over the last 15 years we have paid out more than €44,493,232 in jackpots and have provided more than 750,000 players, with a safe and wildly entertaining gaming experience. From mind-blowing jackpot wins to luxurious dream holidays, it’s certainly been one hell of a ride.

The Vintage Years

Much has changed since CasinoEuro came into the world kicking and screaming. Back in the olden days (circa 2007), the then Casino Manager, Andy Braithwaite, remembers a simpler time:

Today we have more than 80 providers across our group and more than 50 slot and game providers. It’s easy to forget that just a few years ago almost every casino was tied to a single provider. CasinoEuro was certainly one of the first, if not the first to have a whopping 3 slot providers on the site, along with a then revolutionary seamless wallet, meaning the player didn’t have to transfer funds and change lobby every time they wanted some variety.

Thinking about it, we were very innovative for such a small team, helping to pioneer instant free spins, multiple game windows and player alerts. It’s no surprise that so many of the old CasinoEuro team have gone on to have very successful gaming careers.

The thing I look back on most fondly is just how close we were to our players. With the best will in the world, it just wouldn’t be feasible today to give the casino manager’s email address to all of our players, but that’s what we did back then. We’d get photos of their new-born babies, wedding invites and updates on how their kids were doing at school. Many of the players would take their holidays in Malta and pop in to see us!

And to think those new-born babies would be 10 years old now… *shudder*.

That win

When it comes to choosing some of the best highlights over the years, it’s impossible to leave out our biggest ever jackpot winner, Heidi from Finland, who only last year hit the Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot of a staggering €4,009,504.

We can’t over-emphasise how exciting this win was for us at CasinoEuro HQ. Due to stringent HR regulations, we were unable to pop any corks, but my God, did we overindulge in tea that day. And possibly cake. Okay, three large cakes. To celebrate the life-changing win, CasinoEuro flew Heidi and a few friends to meet us in Malta for an exclusive event, where they were treated to a three night stay at the Hilton Hotel and, of course, an oversized, cardboard cheque.

As the managing director of CasinoEuro put so perfectly:

It’s always wonderful to meet one of our CasinoEuro members, and even better when we are able to celebrate a big win, such as Heidi’s, with them.

A truly memorable time was had by all, and we can’t wait for the next big winner.

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Oh the places you’ll go

Ask any member of the CasinoEuro team which has been their favourite campaign over the years, and you’ll notice there’s one that gets the most upvotes. Our #travelwithcasinoeuro promotion is relatively recent, but definitely one of the most exciting things we’ve created for our players. From February 2015, we have sent our players on dream trips to the following locations:

• Arizona, USA
• Caribbean Cruise
• Prague, Czech Republic
• Silverstone Racetrack, UK
• Hurtigruten Cruise, Norway
• Dubrovnik, Croatia
• London Redbull Air Race, UK
• Amsterdam, Netherlands
• Manchester United football match, UK
• Monaco and the French Riviera
• Italian Cruise
• Stobo Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
• New York, USA
• Dubai Red Bull Air Race, UAE
• Masai Mara Safari, Kenya

Check out some of the highlights of the #travelwithcasinoeuro campaign below, and who knows, the next winner could be you!

Dubai & Abu Dhabi Air Races

Caribbean Cruise

Kenyan Safari

More On #Travelwithcasinoeuro

Don’t stop us now!

That’s enough dwelling on the past, it’s a new year! Time to look to the future, and we’ve got a lot in store. We don’t want to ruin too many surprises, but now that everything’s in place, we can tell you about a cool new project that we are a huge part of.

This Spring, the first ever European Championship of Roulette will take place on the Mediterranean island of Malta, and CasinoEuro is a key sponsor. Never before has a European Champion of Roulette been crowned, and to have a CasinoEuro winner would be a dream come true.

Head to our qualifying page to find out how you can be part of this exciting tournament which boasts an estimated prize pool of €200,000. Expect thrilling side events, player parties, sun, sea and more casino glamour than you can shake a stick at. We look forward to meeting you there.

Qualify For The European Championship Of Roulette

A word from the big boss man

As we head into 2017 like an over-excited, hyperactive child, all of us at CasinoEuro would like to take this opportunity to wish our players, old and new, a Happy New Year. We hope it is filled with opportunity and of course, lots of big wins.

CasinoEuro is a great brand with a long-standing heritage in the last fifteen years paved by innovative features and high customer focus. As we build on the past, we look to a future of delivering an even better experience with more great games and new exciting events.

Alexis Wicen, Managing Director

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