February 27, 2021

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GUTS Halloween Pumpkin Smash

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Unfortunately, GUTS Halloween promotion ending up being a trick instead of a treat.


Due to a couple of last minute “bugs” that were found in the game engine that was built for this Halloween promotion, we had to make the painful decision to cancel it. A delayed release would end up making it less effective as a compelling offer for players to visit Guts and participate.

The good news is the game engine will be “good to go” very soon and Guts are currently brainstorming new ideas for a kick-ass promotional concept around the game… so stay tuned.

Guts – Ghoulishly great Halloween prizes up for grabs every day until November 6th
Follow the instructions below and start smashing some pumpkins!
Starting on Halloween Day (31/10/2016), all You have to do is bludgeon some pumpkins over 7 days to win some gruesomely good prizes!
1. Log into your Guts account, and launch the game from this page by hitting Play Now
2. Enter the email address registered to your Guts account!
If you need to check what this is, visit the My Account area
3. Smash the hell out of the pumpkins and win fantastic prizes…
4. Click Claim Now after a win and fill in the form
Its 7 days, 7 chances to win in the Halloween Pumpkin Smash
No tricks this Halloween. Its only 7 days of treats at Guts
Got anger issues? Why not smash some pumpkins to win prizes?
Knock, knock. Ring, ring.
Insane childlike laughter
There they are. A horde of mini monsters outside your door, loose, terrorising the neighbourhood.
It’s painful, we know. But THIS is Halloween Guts-style, so it’s more like 7 days of treats. All you have to do is bludgeon some pumpkins over the next 7 days to win some gruesomely good prizes!
That’s 7 days and 7 chances to win cash bonuses, free spins and reloads. You might not win every single day, but you sure stand one hell of chance if you play Pumpkin Smash at Guts.
Hit PLAY NOW to find out what you have to do. Then just go back to the page every day before 23:59 (UTC) Monday, 31 October to Sunday 6 November to maximise your chances. Now go get smashing!
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