October 26, 2020

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Guts casino – Christmas Trivia Promotion – Coming VERY Soon!

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Guts casino - Christmas Fes-TRIVIA-ties Coming VERY Soon



Guts casino – Christmas Fes-TRIVIA-ties – Coming VERY Soon!


Topping the log, being the best, it’ll never be easy. But do you have the Guts to top the leaderboard on this year’s Fes-Trivia-Ties challenge?




If you do, the top 75 players will be rewarded with Guts Christmas goodies to keep you warm on those cold winter nights, gadgets and gizmos to keep you busy, bonuses, free spins and cold hard cash.

The more you play, the better it gets so you’ll want to be logging in to your account and playing. Every. Single. Day. You’ll be able to check your position on the leaderboard, questions you need to answer, missions you need to complete and, of course, prizes you can win.




The Trivia Calendar offers up a question a day, which you get 72 hours to answer, correct answers get you points on the board, free spins, bonuses and an array of tasty goodies to enjoy.

You only get one shot at the correct answer. But should you get it wrong, worry not, you also get 24 hours to complete a mission, with more points up for grabs, even more prizes to win and, once again, even more goodies, gadgets and gizmos to enjoy.

If you do nothing else this festive season, make sure you enjoy the Guts Fes-Trivia-Ties.

To make sure you kick off 2016 the right way, we’ll be paying out all the prizes on the 1st of January so you have something to look forward to in the New Year.




You can check them out in promotional FAQ, so have a look and plan your month to make sure you compete. Do you have the Guts to make this Christmas the best one ever?



Guts are doing the finishing touches to Christmas Trivia Promotion which will go LIVE next week and is guaranteed to keep your players engaged, entertained, depositing and coming back every day until Christmas.

Guts casino - Christmas Fes-TRIVIA-ties - Coming VERY Soon

Players will have daily trivia questions and missions to complete which earns them points and rewards them with free spins, deposit bonuses, cash prizes and much more. They will have 72hrs to answer each question and 24hrs to complete each mission. And most importantly, the more points a player earns towards the leader board, the larger the value of their rewards.

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