December 4, 2020

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GOMOR – CasinoSaga – HEROES description

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GOMOR - CasinoSaga Hero


Gomor has been growing up in the Amber Astroid and no one really knows where he comes from. Rumour has it that he came from another casino world from a space ship that landed on Saga Islands (the one that can still be seen from the hills of the region).

Gomor has an almost antiheroic way of playing Starburst, and with his little chuckle every time he hits the stars, it makes his game play quite funny to see.

Happiness is the mood of Gomor, even when he has one of his rare down moments, he still cheers others and says his famous phrase “this is an epic day for playing casino games”.

He is perceived as being a bit peculiar, even awkward at times, walking slowly with his stick until, all of a sudden, he warps into super speed running to the closest starburst machine, poking at it with his space stick.

Favourite Game: Starburst
Weapon: Space stick

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