December 2, 2020

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Geryon – Devil’s Gate – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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Geryon- Devil’s Gate CasinoSaga Boss

Geryon – Devil’s Gate

Short characteristics
Excellent in: Devil’s Delight
His treasure: His three heads and his dog
Personality type: Killer and achiever
Tone of voice: He has three voices representing each one of his head. Two are vibrant, energetic and loud; and the other is soft, thin and hesitant.

Long version

Geryon, with his three heads, is a complicated character to describe. Three heads, three brains, six eyes, six arms and only two legs. His sight is triple a normal human, so his reaction power is amazing. He has two smart brains, but one is lazy and confused. So are his voices. Two are vibrant, energetic and loud, while the other one is soft, hesitant, and thin. The furious dog that accompanies Geryon is his biggest treasure in life. With his two bright brains it was not difficult for him to become the best player of Devil’s Delight game. So, as you can understand it is not easy to beat him during the Olypmics; it’s more of a mission impossible.

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