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A Gamified Dream – Casino Heroes 3

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Dream, dream dream… Have you played at Casino Heroes before?

If so, you know about the divisions of his Kingdom’s magical realm called regions. The landscapes where you travel over treacherous mountains and into enchanted woodlands. Each, which is inhabited by a gruesome and evil Boss who you must defeat… for there are Mystery Treasures to find, and riches to reap!

But before we tell you of how to fill your pockets – as you march forth in blood thirst for more – we must inform of our new fantastic map view…

Which Hero are thee? – Casino Heroes 3

With the launch of Casino Heroes 3, a bunch of new Bosses will be crawling forth from dark dark caves and treacherous trenches.

And there is more, of course! Your personal Hero character has come to vibrate with life. After all, you are the centre figure within the Hero Universe and its Adventurous Worlds. With Casino Heroes 3 you will be able to choose from 11 new Hero Avatars. That’s right. Moreover, you’ll get to know your unique skills and advantages against the Bosses.

The only remaining question is: which Hero are you?

Which one are you? Are you handsome, witty and quick? Or do you possess endurance and a gruesome grit? Perhaps you are as swift and elegant as an Elf? Or do you preferably raid tombs all by yourself?

Find out with Casino Heroes 3…

Are maps a thing of the past, you may ask?

Who uses maps? Well, everyone. Have you not ever been lost and wondered where you are? And then what to do? You looked at that little mini machine of yours from your pocket, didn’t you? Maps are essential to our daily lives and age of travel. Following a map is fun while reaching a destination is rewarding. This is why we have created your very own Hero Atlas so that you can locate exactly where you are in your rewarding adventure.

Treasure Bags will shine up your way!

But hey, let’s face it, being on the road can sometimes feel tedious. Even if you can see the goal and the light at the end of tunnel… you might stumble and fall. That’s why we’ve made sure that if you do so, you will stumble upon goodies. Namely, Treasure Bags!

Hundreds and hundreds of Treasure Bags are scattered and hidden over the beautiful islands, and you will always be closer than you think to finding one… All you have to do is to keep playing!

Can’t hold your horses? Well, it won’t be long now. Your Casino Dream is coming true and our King has plenty in store for you!

Breaking News!

Stop the presses! We don’t call our upgrade Casino Heroes 3 for nothing. With Casino Heroes 3, you will be able to switch between and play on three adventure worlds in parallel.

Let us present our latest enticing adventure world, Mythical Mountains. Many tales have been told of this divine place, but the only thing we know for sure is that you will find valuable surprises, prizes, and much more.

If you are familiar with the Boss Fights, you find that these too have been revamped. Should Boss Fights be a new concept to you, we can inform you that they are the thrilling and rewarding Pick & Click game where you can win Free Spins worth up to a total of €4 per spin!

And there is more. Your personal Hero character has come to life, of course! After all, you are the centre figure within the Hero Universe.

Which one are you? Are you handsome, witty and quick? Or do you possess endurance and a gruesome grit? Perhaps you are as swift and elegant as an Elf? Or do you preferably raid tombs all by yourself? Regardless of which Hero you might be, we can guarantee a mind-blowing gameplay!

Evolution or Revolution?

Whether you are new to the concept of Gamification or not, Casino Heroes 3 will set you up for an unforgettable adventure. If we consider Casino Heroes 3 an evolution or a revolution? We say a bit of both!

Along with the new fantastic and live map view, your casino lobby has taken on a sleek new look. And switching between the two will be flawless and instant. You see, Casino Heroes 3 is all about combining stunning graphics with user friendliness and speed. Which brings us to the future of the gaming industry, that of your mobile experience.

In our daily lives when we’re always on the go, seamlessness and speed is crucial. The annoyance of twisting and turning your device while playing different devices will be a faint memory. Your fantasy world will be perfectly synchronized with yours. You will enjoy new games, and Boss Fights available in landscape mode, with flawless focus.

Something is cooking at Hero Gaming.

Something is cooking at Hero Gaming. Something you’ve never seen before. Something so enticing, you can’t afford to miss it.

Three years ago, we opened the curtains to our magical realm of Casino Heroes, but now, it is time for you to take a deep dive into the ocean of fairy tales that lie beneath the surface of our enchanted Kingdom.

Hero Gaming is all about storytelling, making gaming the fun-filled adventure that is a natural and some would say a necessary part of life. And as the world around us evolves, so must we. Improvement and innovation walk hand in hand with our Heroic adventure land, and change is not a thing to fear, but a goal to constantly strive towards with open hearts and creative minds.

We’ve made sure to keep you feeling familiar. You won’t open the door and find that we’ve rearranged your favourite room. Instead we have lit up the lamps in the dark to uncharted and unexplored corners of the room, so that you may view the clear picture of what our world is all about. So, friend, new or old, expect to step into another dimension…

Let us treat you with the menu of new features about to come:

  • Parallel gameplay on multiple adventures
  • Uncompromised gaming experience regardless of device
  • A unique and new map view of your personalized path across the islands
  • The introduction of a brand new island and daunting new Bosses to fight
  • The unravelling of your Hero destiny along with explicit details of the entire adventure

Very soon you will be able to unwrap your brand new Casino Adventure.


The Heroes of Casinos have upgraded their Game

This year as the earth turned and the sun returned to our part of the world meant something extraordinary on the Hero-Islands. For every minute that the days grew longer, our dedicated teams of the Hero-offices in Malmö and Malta created a deeper and more profound version of our flagship site, the gamified Casino Adventure we all know as Casino Heroes.

And why is this, one might wonder? We felt that it was about time that we better ourselves for you. And what better time? Than in the strong sunlight for a hot late summer launch?

It all started with brainstorming and extravagant storytelling, boiling down to the essence of our main goal: giving our Heroes the best version of our enchanted world! A world filled with challenges to win and riches to reap.

With all the ingredients chopped up and ready, we turned the stove on and started the long process of creating our newer, better magical adventure. We turned up the heat, started putting all parts in the pan and letting it brew for the perfect amount of time, then and again giving it a taste to make sure, that all would be perfect.

Brilliant, creative minds working together like an ant farm, and here we finally stand, at the end of the tunnel, with the sun shining bright in our eyes.

From all of us, to all of you – Hero Gaming proudly presents: Casino Heroes 3

A Gamified Dream – Casino Heroes 3
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