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Fun facts about Las Vegas

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PAF – Fun facts about Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a legendary city found in the heart of Nevada. Also called the City of Sins, the area has created millions of memories, life-changing moments and myths. It is said, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but we have found some funny, interesting and wacky facts that we are keen to share. Enjoy!


1. In 2012, only 8 per cent of Las Vegas visitors had plans of playing casino games during their stay but studies showed that in the end a whopping 72 per cent of all visitors did try their luck at the casinos!

2. Once in Las Vegas, a man named Howard Hughes stayed in a hotel (Desert Inn) for so long that he was asked to leave. As he did not want to leave the hotel he ended up buying it. Howard Hughes also bought 73,000 acres of land in Nevada, many other hotels on the Strip, an airline and a couple of airports.


3. As funny as it might sound, lottery is illegal in the State of Nevada. You won’t find any lottery tickets while visiting Las Vegas, despite the fact that Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world.


4. There are roughly 40 million tourists visiting Las Vegas every year.


5. About 27 tons of shrimp are eaten every day in Las Vegas. Yes, Vegas is the place to have a shrimp cocktail.


6. About 2,100 weddings are arranged every week in Vegas.


7. There are about 200,000 slot machines in the city!


8. It is said that the deceased Elvis Presley, ghosts at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas.


9. The MGM Grand Hotel washes over 15 000 pillow cases every day!


10. The City of Sins celebrated its 100th.

11. The famous Las Vegas hotel The Flamingo was named after its owner’s wife whose legs were very long.


Las Vegas is an exciting place to visit and the city must be experienced at least once in life. The fun, weird and interesting facts above the place gives you a small hint of what it is like but it takes a few days in the entertainment capital of the world to actually understand how magnificent, unique and special the city is. Why not treat yourself with 3.3 days in the city? 3.3 happens to be the average visit time for tourists so it should give you enough time to explore the greatness of Las Vegas!


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