March 1, 2021

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Football Team – online soccer game. Bonus code 2020

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By registering on Football Team with the code “FREESPINS” you get a bonus of 200 energy points to start. Just enter data such as name, email and password to create your account. After registration you will take part in the process of creating a football star.

We invite all users and fans to play in the browser together. A mobile version is also available in the game. Register today! Develop your career for free and together Become an FootballTeam legend with others. Our Football Manager is a guarantee of new football emotions. Move on to the virtual world of games. Take part in the club’s life, test yourself as a trainer. Registration is already here open! Log in and join top players competing for the highest positions in the ranking. Take on the role manager and analyze the league situation.


  • Join the game of football – create your player and choose your position on the pitch.
  • The development of skills and aspects of the football game is in your hands – take control!
  • FootballTeam is more than just an online football manager – it’s a game for football fanatics!
  • The course of the match depends on you and your team of real players!
  • Football at its best. The player’s career is in your hands!

New FT is a simulator from the sports games category. FootballTeam is a continuation the best Polish series in which you will find many news. We recommend new players seeking help among veterans who can be found in the built-in chat .. We also invite you to the forum where you can get the latest information, official guides, and also discuss matches played every day. Become the best football manager!


  • There are 3 basic types of packages in the game: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • The higher the package level, the greater the chance that we will find a good item in it.
  • Do you want a favorite band’s shirt, shorts, gaiters or cork? Get them!
  • Packages are obtained for progress in the game.

FootballTeam football manager is a new version of the game, the legendary game, which has been on the market since 2009. Manager based on a community of real players! only need to enter data such as name, e-mail and password to create your account. After registration you will take participation in the process of creating a football star.


  • Grow a club where you play.
  • Expand the stadium and increase your income.
  • Advance to the 1st League and win the Championship.
  • FootballTeam – more than a Football Manager.

After logging in you will have a choice of many different options and activities. In profile we have available tabs such as chat, message box and settings. During the game you have to regularly use the training module to become the best. The best manager can be only one, and a good team will be necessary to achieve this goal. If you have a lot of friends you can manage club. The club is created very simply. First you need to gain the trust of other real people players. Then you need to be a good trainer in addition to training your star. Playing the role manager you need to ensure good development and motivation of players.


  • Join the team and play with friends.
  • Choose your tactic and setting – surprise your opponent.
  • FootballTeam is an online football game in which you have a real input into your team’s game.
  • FootballTeam – create a footballer – take care of development – get prizes!

Club management also allows the expansion of the stadium, which is necessary to become a financial power. Choose a tactic that will allow you to compete with others clubs. The new version of the game allows many settings. You should follow the situation on a regular basis. Analysis of actions your team is very important because the matches can be very dynamic.

Of course, the player who is under the care of other players is obliged to find time to manage the team. The best players will face competition in prestigious European competitions. In the game you have the opportunity to win the Polish Cup or other European trophies.

Join the new football manager – an online game that offers more from other football managers. In 2019, the Football Team will prepare many updates so that you can play as well the old days!

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