October 29, 2020

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Finnish woman wins €782,962 on Arabian Nights at PAF

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Finnish woman wins 782,962 EURO on Arabian Nights at Paf


Finnish woman wins €782,962 on Arabian Nights at PAF


“Now we will have presents for Christmas!”


PAF casino – Christmas 2014 Advent Calendar ( CLICK HERE )

PAF casino - Christmas 2014 Advent Calendar

December 3, 2014 is Paf’s 15th online birthday. It is also the day that Christmas came early for a lucky woman in her 50s from Helsinki.


She was playing Arabian nights with us on Paf.com at 9am when she hit the jackpot with a stake of 5 euros: “When I saw the winning amount on the screen I could not believe my eyes. I thought ‘this cannot be happening to me.’ It was so much money I could not believe it. I felt completely lost.


Then after a while her win began to sink in and she thought first of her loved ones. She lives simply and quietly in Helsinki. She is not planning to change her lifestyle drastically and her grown-up children have all told her how much she deserves the win.


But there is one thing she will change and she laughs as she tells us: “This year we decided to not buy any Christmas presents for each other, but now we have changed our minds!


The winner has been a customer at Paf since 2012 and now she will take a break from gaming for a while.


Paf’s Robert Söderdahl was the person who had the happy job of calling the lady to confirm the win: “This is my seventh call in recent years to Paf friends who have won over 500,000 euros. It was great to talk with somebody we have made so happy. I advised her to remain anonymous and to take a break from gaming for a while. This is the important advice we give to all our big jackpot winners. Their long-term health and happiness is our main concern at these moments.”



About the Paf.com Jackpot

  • At €782,962.86 the jackpot win is the 7th biggest in Paf’s history
  • The jackpot win is the 3rd biggest at Paf.com on Arabian Nights. The two highest wins are €8,636,146.00 in November 2012 and €3,292,906.08 in April 2014
  • Paf holds two Guinness World Records certificates for highest online slot machine jackpot wins. Those two records still stand.



Experiment Alone: Bob Dylan

Are experiences more fun when you share them with someone? At Paf, we’ve lived by that belief since our story began almost 50 years ago. This has influenced everything we have done. But just believing isn’t enough anymore, we want to make sure. Therefore, we decided to look into it by creating a series of social experiments.



In the web TV series Experiment Alone we investigate friendship’s role in our ability to have fun and enjoy life. After five experiments with over 700 000 viewers, we have now come to the Grand Finale: Fredrik Wikingsson, a huge Bob Dylan fan, will see his life’s idol in a big arena concert – all by himself. Naturally we are very curious about how Fredrik will experience the experiment. Will he experience total euphoria, or will emptiness fill him when he realizes there is no one to share the moment with? Soon we have the results.



If in the meantime you want to experience gambling at Paf, we suggest Avalon Multiplayer where you can share the excitement and winnings with up to six players.


We always arrange fun competitions where you can win experiences with other players. Right now you can win a trip to South Africa for you and a friend with Club Paf.

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