November 29, 2020

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FANTA – CasinoSaga – HEROES description

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FANTA - CasinoSaga Hero


Fanta is from the mystical place known as Entowood. As Entowood is a place full of elves, trolls and other peculiar creatures, she has become a woman of nature.

She is in full harmony with all creatures, be it a magical talking rabbit or another casino hero, she always has glow of calmness and luck.

Fanta is playing according to the feeling of the environment, how the stars are aligned and what the horoscope is saying. She is skilled in all games but especially loves the nature inspired themed games, her favourite being the Trolls slot machine.

Fanta is not very competitive but loves to play together with others and feels almost the same joy when others win as when she wins herself.

  • Favourite Game: Trolls
  • Weapon: Mini Wand
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