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FanDuel – two freerolls and Welcome Bonus

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FanDuel – two freerolls and Welcome Bonus


Experience championship-level fantasy football like never before with FanDuel’s 2014 World Fantasy Football Championships! Four massive tournaments, over $10,000,000 in prizes, and a live finals showdown in FanDuel’s very own, custom-built fantasy zone at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.


FanDuel offers at least two freerolls every week:

The Weekly Open Freeroll is open to all FanDuel players. We award $1,000 in cash prizes – and there’s no entry fee! This is restricted to a limited number of entrants every week, so be sure to get your team in early in the week if you would like to participate. To see the Weekly Open Freeroll, make sure your filter settings are marked appropriately (Current sport checked, Size = 21+, Fee slider = FREE).

The New Depositor Freeroll is open to players who have made their first deposit in the current week. This freeroll awards $1,000 in cash prizes. Players who qualify for this freeroll will receive an email invitation with the link to enter.

Note that new depositors will be unable to enter the Weekly Open Freeroll if they have previously entered the New Depositor Freeroll, and will be ineligible to enter the New Depositor Freeroll if they have previously entered the Weekly Open Freeroll.


What is deposit bonus?

Deposit bonus is offered to users upon first deposit and special promotional offers. Bonuses are earned gradually after you enter and complete paid contests. Your balance is shown in your account menu as ‘Pending Bonus’ and in your My Account area. Limits and terms and conditions may apply.

How fast does deposit bonus become real cash?

Deposit bonus is released as real cash at a rate of 4% of the entry fee of the contest you enter. For example, if you enter a $25 contest, $1 of deposit bonus will be released into your main funds account. Users collect deposit bonus upon settlement of the contest entered. If a contest or entry is canceled, your entry fee will be refunded and no bonuses will be earned.

Why isn’t my full bonus received upon deposit?

Gradually releasing bonuses as you play prevents fraud and discourages multi-accounting. Please note that your deposit bonus can only be used on FanDuel and cannot be withdrawn as cash.

What are the benefits of deposit bonuses?

Deposit bonus rewards loyal users who play consistently on FanDuel. First time deposit bonuses do not expire so the funds are available until they’ve been earned and spent.

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