October 25, 2020

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Experiment Alone: Bob Dylan

1 min read

PAF Experiment Alone Bob Dylan


Are experiences more fun when you share them with someone? At Paf, we’ve lived by that belief since our story began almost 50 years ago. This has influenced everything we have done. But just believing isn’t enough anymore, we want to make sure. Therefore, we decided to look into it by creating a series of social experiments.

In the web TV series Experiment Alone we investigate friendship’s role in our ability to have fun and enjoy life. After five experiments with over 700 000 viewers, we have now come to the Grand Finale: Fredrik Wikingsson, a huge Bob Dylan fan, will see his life’s idol in a big arena concert – all by himself. Naturally we are very curious about how Fredrik will experience the experiment. Will he experience total euphoria, or will emptiness fill him when he realizes there is no one to share the moment with? Soon we have the results.

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