February 24, 2021

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€25 000 in total and €5000 to the winner!

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Compete for €25 000 in our October Mission Race!

The race is on to find the fastest slot player out there! We have prepared three missions for you on Golden Fish Tank, Vikings go Wild and Holmes and the Stolen Stones (only at CasinoEuro) and your quest is to finish them in the least amount of spins as possible.

The missions are simple:

Golden Fish Tank

Win 4 consecutive spins in a row on Golden Fish Tank!

Vikings Go Wild

Get into the free spins feature in Vikings go Wild

Holmes and the Stolen Stones

Collect 5 shards of any colour in Holmes and the Stolen Stones



How it works:

The 200 players who complete all three missions in the least amount of spins will win a cash prize, with €5000 going to the winner! That’s not all though, the top 500 players will also be included in a raffle with 189 more prizes. Full detail on the raffle and leader board prizes can be found below.

Remember, you can restart your missions after 25 spins, or once you have completed all the missions, you can try again to see if you can do it faster.

Time to get spinning and prove that you are the one that can complete the missions the fastest!


  • The mission’s leaderboard runs between 10:00 CET on 7th and 23:59 CET on 13th of October 2016.
  • October Mission is a network campaign, players automatically take part after completing a set of 3 objectives (the mission) in the 3 participating games.
  • The Participating games and the objectives are:
    – Golden Fish Tank – Win 4 consecutive spins in a row
    – Vikings go Wild – Hit Free Spins
    – Holmes and the Stolen Stones – Collect 5 shards of any color in the base game
  • All 3 objectives have to be fulfilled in order for the mission to be completed.
  • The objectives can be completed in any order.


  • There is no additional cost to enter this tournament other than the price to spin the reels
  • All players who complete the mission for the first time will be provided with a unique player number.
  • The unique player number will be highlighted on the leaderboard in the game client in order for players to be able to follow their position.
  • There is no minimum bet required to participate in the promotion.
  • The number of spins made to complete the mission determines the player’s position on the leaderboard. The player who completes the mission in the least number of rounds will finish at position 1 and win the 1st prize.
  • If there are two or more players who complete the mission with the same number of rounds, the player completing it first will have higher position on the leaderboard.
  • Player’s position is refreshed every 60 seconds.
  • Bets made with bonus money do not qualify for the campaign.
  • Players can improve the score throughout the campaign.
  • Mission progress is automatically restarted when players can no longer improve the score. The best score will always be kept.
  • Mission progress can be restarted manually by the player after 25 spins. Restart button can be found in the game client.
  • Leaderboard


    • All leaderboard prizes will be paid out in cash within 48 hours of the tournament finishing.


    • Players from positions 1-500 will have a chance to win one of 189 raffle prizes after the leaderboard is over. Each qualified player will have 72 hours from the leaderboard finish, from Oct 14th 00:00 CET to Oct 16th 23:59 CET, to enter the RAFFLE section in the Mission window of Golden Fish Tank, Vikings go Wild or Holmes and the Stolen Stones game client and pick one of the chests.After 72 hours all unclaimed prizes will be randomly distributed among qualifying players who did not pick any chest.


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