November 25, 2020

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DWALIN – CasinoSaga – HEROES description

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DWALIN - CasinoSaga Hero


A common trait amongst dwarfs of the Casino Saga Islands is their scepticisms to their surroundings. Some might even say they have a negative outlook. This however does not correspond at all to the casino hero Dwalin; he is cheerful and loves hanging around the Diamond Caves in the western part of Saga Islands.

Dwalin is, by dwarf standards, quite young. With his 72 years he is still referred by most other dwarfs as “junior”. Dwalin is famous for his luck, especially in his region’s favourite game, Boom Brothers. Dwalin is always sent out from the region’s Dwarf king to compete in the yearly Casino Olympics and the odds of him winning are quite low!

Dwalin usually hangs out with the casino hero Robina. They are not really into the same games but that doesn’t matter, they just love hanging out, always fighting over what is truly the best weapon, a bow or a stone axe.

Favourite game: Boom Brothers
Weapon: Stone Axe

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