December 1, 2020

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Dr-Wutten – Scienceville – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

1 min read

Dr-Wutten- Scienceville CasinoSaga Boss

Dr-Wutten- Scienceville

Short characteristics:

  • Excellent in: Madder Scientist game
  • His treasure: His chemical formulas
  • Personality type: killer and explorer
  • Tone of voice: strong German accent, and lively way of speaking

Long version:
Dr. Wutten is a respected, and at times, envied boss on Saga Islands. Smart and with an inner curiosity, Dr. Wutten has two big passions, chemistry and the casino games. His favorite game is, of course, the Madder Scientist. He tried many casino games before but when he discovered the Madder Scientist game, he knew no one would be his match. When he is not in his secret lab trying out new formulas and discovering interesting things, he is playing Madder Scientist to prepare for the Saga Olympics. He has always been in tough competition with Bulls Eye Jones, who cannot understand how Dr. Wutten is successful in everything he does.
Dr. Wutten, with his strong German accent, always catches the attention of the Bosses’ community. Tall, skinny and surrounded by his dear rats- he is the envy of all the Bosses who are curious to hear about his new inventions. Dr. Wutten is a straight-up killer.

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