December 4, 2020

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Dolpho – Neon City – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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Dolpho- Neon City CasinoSaga Boss

Dolpho – Neon City

Short characteristics:

  • Excellent in: Trolls
  • His treasure: belts
  • Personality type: killer
  • Tone of voice: strong voice, Russian accent,

Long version:

Dolpho, with his Russian origins, is a former professional boxer. His strength and passion for casino games made him an ideal choice to become one of the Bosses on Saga Islands. He likes to train his muscles and play casino games in his spare time. His favorite game is Fisticuffs and he is very good at that. He loves the 80s, specially the hairstyle
He is not pleasant to listen to; he speaks loud, strong and with a Russian accent.
He is a straight-up killer and would do anything to win, but watch out if he looses.

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