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ComeOn – Team Poker Challenge II

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ComeOn - Team Poker Challenge II

ComeOn – Team Poker Challenge II

The second round of the ComeOn! Poker Team Poker Challenge is here and you have a chance to join in and win awesome prizes! We had 22 strong teams entering the first round and the games were mixed with Texas and Omaha. This time the TPC will only consist of Texas Hold’em but with a nice mix between short handed and full ring tables!

Get started: Put together a team (4 players), come up with a team name and register your team.

Your team needs to join our online ranking tournaments and get into the top 20 to win ranking points. Try to win as many ranking points as possible to climb up the leaderboard.

After all five ranking tournaments have been played, the top 10 teams on the leaderboard will be invited for a FINAL BATTLE where $11.200 are up for grabs!

Make sure to register your team today!

Terms and Conditions

  • Players are allowed to play under the same IP address when playing the tournaments.
  • Last date to register a team is 28th September 2012
  • To be approved as a team and be able to participate, a team must consist of four (4) members with a valid ComeOn! username.
  • When all five ranking tournaments have been played, the top 10 teams on the leaderboard will be contacted by email on 1st October 2012 for further information.
  • The top 3 teams of the Final Battle will be contacted by email on 8th October 2012 with further information about prizes.
  • The champions of the ComeOn! Team Poker Challenge II will be representing ComeOn! Poker in the Battle of Malta live tournament played in November 2012. The champions will be required to wear ComeOn! branded clothes during the Battle of Malta main event.
  • ComeOn! will arrange tournament registration for Battle of Malta 2012, purchase flight tickets and book accommodation for the winning team.
  • If the team for any reason can not attend the live event, the team sponsorship package cannot be exchanged for cash. In such event, ComeOn can appoint another winning team.

The Teams!

New for season two is that we have created a small team profile for each team. This way all teams can find out who each player is and what team everyone represent. It will also give all teams a better chance to use more team strategy moves around the poker tabels when having the overview of who is who.


x3 can be turned into €1000 cash

x3 can be turned into one gold medal

x3 can be turned into one silver medal

The top 3 teams of the FINAL BATTLE will receive prizes! Here are the prizes up for grabs:

  1. 4 x $2500 Battle of Malta package
  2. 4 x $250
  3. 4 x $50

Medals and Glory

We also reward the top 3 teams in the FINAL BATTLE with a medal. Medals can be turned into real cash and three gold medals can mean €1,000 in cash!

There is no better vacation than a sunny poker week in the Pearl of the Mediterranean! Join ComeOn! Poker in Malta this November for the Battle of Malta Main event!

Malta is one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Maltese history dates back to 4,000 BC and is still tangible in its mysterious landscape, temples and architecture. Malta has a lot to offer. Combine the tradition with year-round sunshine; the landscape is ideal for this tournament.

Win 4x all inclusive package worth 4x $2.500

  • €500 +€50 buy in to the Main Event
  • Flights
  • 4 nights’ accommodation at 5-Star Hilton Hotel Malta
  • Breakfast and buffet meal, daily for the 4 nights
  • Access to VIP Opening cocktail party at Club Level 22
  • Access to side events and giveaways

Live event results

In the first TPC the three winning teams were sent to a team poker tournament in Tallinn, Estonia. In total 22 teams took part and they all wanted to reach the final day and be in the top 9. “Under the Gun” ended up at position 10 with the same points as position 9. Better luck next time guys!


Get ready to rumble! The FINAL BATTLE will be played on 7th October at 20:00 CET.

The FINAL BATTLE! follows the same structure as the previous ranking tournaments where you collect ranking points for your team, but this time with a big difference. We will arrange 4x 10-seated sit&go tournaments where you get 1-10 ranking points depending on where you finish. All players in the team will play one arranged sit&go each and the total points collected will show in the leaderboard.

The FINAL BATTLE leaderboard will be updated LIVE during the tournament. The leaderboard will be presented here on this page. Become the champions and join ComeOn! for an all inclusive live poker weekend in warm and beautiful Malta.

4 x $2500 live poker package 
The winning team will be contacted within 24 hours with more info
4 x $250 cash
Player’s account will be credited with the winnings within 24 hours
4 x $50 cash
The player’s account will be credited with the winnings within 24 hours

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