January 15, 2021

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CherryCasino – Santas World Tour

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Putting the magic back in Christmas


CherryCasino – Santas World Tour



Breaking News: Santa’s not in the North Pole!




Join Santa on his 24-day PR World Tour as he travels the globe to meet and greet individuals from different locations around the world.

His mission: to show that he’s still relevant around the holiday period and that he still fits into our 21st Century world filled with high-tech gadgets and materialistic fads.

Help him blend in with locals and you’ll get rewarded with a brand new daily bonus for 24 days.




It’s Wednesday, where else would Santa be? San Diego of course! He’s rubbing shoulders with other superheroes at a Comic-Con’s pre-launch party, and he’s ready to look the part too! Help our loving Captain Santa get dressed as he joins other attendees to celebrate the announcement of next year’s Comic-Con!



CherryCasino – Santas World Tour

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