January 16, 2021

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Champion’s Goal (Derby Free Spins) – new slot Elk Studios

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Champion's Goal Derby Free Spins - new slot Elk Studios



Champion’s Goal (Derby Free Spins) – new slot Elk Studios



The stadium has just filled up and the visiting fans are chanting on the other side. The firecrackers and flares fills up the scene. You can feel the atmosphere and the match is just about to start. Winning tonight is everything. Losing… you just don’t dare to think about it.

This true soccer slot contains, 5 reels with 10 x 2 striking win lines, scoring scatters and cascading tifos. If you hit the full power supporter bonus game you have the chance to win the maximum. Champion’s Goal is built on an volatile maths model which blends an authentic soccer game experience with the adrenaline rush from the casino halls.

Let the game begin!

Champion's Goal new slot Elk Studios

Volatility: 4 of 5
Features: Striking Win Lines, Imploding Free Kick re-spin with multiplier, Derby Free Spins, Cascading Tifos and Sticky Corners


ELK was founded 2012 and we have ever since then invested in building tools and distribution capabilities to take the mobile casino experience to the next level. We have now loaded our games pipeline with a number of entertaining titles. Although we use advanced math’s models and a high level of technology to create our products we always assure that they are delivered with a human touch.

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