December 4, 2020

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CasumoCasino – iPhone 6s and over €1000 in cash…Winter is coming…

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CasumoCasino - iPhone 6s and over 1000 in cash



Casumo Casino – iPhone 6s and over €1000 in cash



Hello friend, look at your phone, now look at the iPhone the casumo above has, now back at your phone, and now back to the casumo’s. Sadly, yours is not an iPhone 6s*, but if you place just one real money bet today, and boom! It could be.



  • Prizes

1st prize: a shiny new iPhone 6s
2nd – 30th prize: €35
*Or is it? Lucky you! Give the second one to your unicorn.


Winter is coming…

A quote from the super popular series with giants and other creatures which already has released five seasons. We want to know what the name of the series is, if you have any character that you like more than the others and if you have any favourite quote or any scene in the series that is stuck on your memory.


Any meme’s is appreciated
Two winners will be drawn in our raffle on Monday and the prize will be added to the accounts of the winners.
Have a lovely weekend!

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