October 25, 2020

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Casumo – Winter Games are coming – tournaments every 30 minutes

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Casumo - Winter Games are coming - Chrismas calendar 2015



Casumo – Winter Games are coming






Embrace yourself, sumos. The greatest thing since Liberty Bell is about to hit the world of casino. It’s something that is cooler than a polar bear’s toenails, yet warmer than a penguin’s armpit. An event where happy and jolly casino players from all over the world unite in slotting extraordinaire. Ladies and gents, let us introduce Winter Games 2015.

Get together with your friends & join the Winter Games



Throughout the month of December, tournaments are hosted at Casumo every 30 minutes. We call them Reel Races, and there will be more than 200 prizes up for grabs every day. Your job is to win as much as possible within the duration of the Reel Race.




The more you win, the more points you collect which increases your chance to grab one of 200+ dazzling free spins & cash prizes! The daily highlight is a grand main event starting at 8PM with a prize of €1000 for the winner.




The beauty of it all: you don’t need any previous experience, amazing casino skillz or an endless budget to join. ALL players are on the same level, ALL players have the same chance to win.




This is how it works:

1. Login to your Casumo account.
2. Click ‘join’ and wait for it to start.
2. Spin, win and collect as many points as possible within the duration.

Yup. It’s THAT simple:)




What the FAQ

  • What are Reel Races?

The Reel Races can be described as a fast paced ‘casino tournament’ where your job is to win as many times as possible within a certain duration of time. The more you win, the more points you get, and the player who ends up with the most points when the time runs out wins.

  • When is the first Reel Race?

Our first 20 minute Reel Race starts 1 December @ 10.00AM sharp (save the date!!!) and there will be new events every 30 minutes until midnight – including the daily grand tournament @ 8.00PM. The minimum bet varies depending on the event.

  • Is it free to opt in?

As free as a fly.

  • How do I win prizes?

It’s simple, really. The more you win, the more points you collect which increases your chance to grab one of the MANY (+200) dazzling prizes every day.

  • How do I collect points?

A standard win will give you 5 points and a Big Win* will give you 25 points. To make things super duper exciting, we have also added 3 types of tournament boosters: 3 wins in a row gives you 50 points, a total of 3 big wins gives you 75 points and a Mega Win** gives you 100 points. Unlock as many boosters as possible to rack up a lot of points! Sounds amazing, right?

*a win that is 15x your bet
** a win that is 30x your bet

  • How many Reel Races can I participate in per day?

As many as you want. Join’em all! Just make sure to recharge with some cookies and milk between races to stay sharp and happy (you’re not yourself when you’re hungry).

  • Are pants mandatory?

Pants are optional.





This is what you need


1. Some kind of electronic device.
2. A Casumo account (if you don’t have one, get one here for free)
3. A mindset, preferably a competitive one.

That’s basically it. Or wait, one more thing – you need to tell your friends! The more the merrier, always. Almost.



Happy Winter Games fellows! And may the odds be ever in your favor

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