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Casumo – Free spins from Dart Player in a galaxy far, far away

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Casumo - free spins from Dart Player


TV-shop with Villains – bananas, blankets and free spins S01E08

Casumo – Free spins from Dart Player in a galaxy far, far away
Hello dear companions. Today the most mysterious bad guy in the movie history is visiting the TV Shop studio to evaluate the Snuggie – an ultra soft fleece blanket with sleeves that will keep you entirely warm from top to toe. Thoughts, Dart Player?
“Impressive. Most impressive. TV Shop has taught you well. I am a Snuggie lover in my heart. A snuggie lover in my mind. A snuggie lover in my soul. A snuggie lover in my spirit and a snuggie lover in all that I do and say. Only your hatred can destroy the Snuggie.”
Wow, Dart. That sounds promising. Let’s order today! As an added bonus you will also receive our special free spin bonus. And this handy red fluorescent lamp that supposedly keeps irritating rebels away.


Get 5 free spins in the new game Go Bananas! when you login today. Jedi!

This is how it works:

1. Login.
2. Click the symbol under Valuables.
3. Feel the power of the force.


Psst… The valuable self-destructs on 2014-09-26 kl. 23:59. Deposit bonuses have a wagering requirement of 25 times the whole amount. Our other terms and conditions apply.

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