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Casumo – free spin + Get 100% extra on your next deposit

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Casumo Casino - 3.3 million explosion. Get 100 percent extra on your next deposit


Casumo – free spin + Get 100% extra on your next deposit  

Promotion  is only available towards players that already have an account with Casumo and that already have made a deposit in the past

Casumo casino celebrate that a Finnish player won €3.3 Million in ONE SPIN playing Arabian Nights at Casumo*

With that in mind, get 100% extra on your next deposit. Explosive.

This is how it works
1. Login.
2. Click the symbol under Valuables and make a deposit.
3. Boom! Shake the room



A Finnish man has won 3.3 million Euros in an online casino game called Arabian Nights. The jackpot won during the night before Tuesday is the biggest in Europe and Finland this year.

Fifty-year-old man who lives in Southern Finland started playing at midnight on the online casino Casumo’s site while listening to Dire Straits on his headphones. Only one spin later the historical win appeared on his player account.

The player wants to take it easy with the jackpot and clear his thoughts before making any big decisions about using the money. However, he revealed planning to spend some money renovating his house and traveling.

Hanne Aimonen, Casumo country manager for Finland, is also happy for the winner.It is a wonderful feeling to call a player and tell he has become a multimillionaire. Winning a jackpot this big really changes one’s life.


Casumo is a revolutionary online casino company that brings a completely new concept to the market. The company has launched the first casino adventure of the world, in which the players collect achievements and rewards in a social gaming environment. Casumo was founded in 2012 by six young Swedish entrepreneurs, and it has quickly become one of the fastest growing online casino services in Scandinavia. The company’s headquarter is in Malta, and it employs over 40 Casumos. Casumo’s goal is to grow to be the biggest entertainment portal of the world.

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