March 2, 2021

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Casumo Casino Challenge – Complete missions and win up to €10,000 in cash!

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Casumo Casino Challenge


The Casumo Casino Challenge – Complete missions and win up to €10,000 in cash!




This is how you get started:

1. Open an account.

2. Choose between the Easy, Medium or Hardcore challenge.

3. Play your favorite games and complete the casino challenge as many times as you want. Least spins win.





It’s time for yet another exciting Casino Challenge at Casumo. This time with thousands of euros in cash at stake, and just like last time your job is to complete the various casino missions with as few spins as possible. Finish among top 30 in the challenge you’ve chosen and win a cash prize totally free from wagering requirements! We are giving out a total of 23675 to 90 lucky players. Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate prize?



What: The Casino Challenge

When: 17th April – 7th May 2015

Who: Everyone who has a Casumo account can join

Levels & top prizes: Easy – €800 Medium – €1,500 Hardcore – €10,000

Casumo Casino Challenge 2015


The Casino Challenge Leaderboards are showing the current lists of players who have completed the challenge in the least amount of spins.The leaderboard is updated continuously as players complete their challenges. Not happy with your score? Then give it another go! You can play the challenge you’ve chosen as many times as you wish before the 7th May without risking your score. Casumo will save your best result.


  • Play games, complete missions and collect rewards

The Casino Challenge is an exciting casino race running during a limited period of time where your mission is to complete various casino missions in as few spins as possible. Like in our previous challenges, there are 5 types of missions; spin x times, win x times, win x times in a row, get x big wins & get x mega wins. Completing certain missions unlock rewards that are lined up along the way, and the ones who complete the challenge in the least amount of spins win up to €10,000 in cash. This is a unique casino challenge crammed with great rewards and excitement that you won’t find at any other online casino. You’re playing your favorite casino games and hunt for big wins and jackpots like usual, but at the same time you are also completing missions, collecting other rewards and hunting up to €10,000 cash!




  • Challenges for all levels

There are three different challenge levels: Easy, Medium and Hardcore. They all have different bet ranges and prizes and you should choose the one that fits your bet range. Some people complete the challenge within a couple of hours whilst others may need a couple of days or even weeks. It all depends on your gaming patterns and player type, and some people even claim that it’s a matter of skill. Whether it’s true or not is up to you to find out. Start playing today and prepare for a challenge unlike anything you have ever experienced in the world of slot machines.

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