December 4, 2020

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CasinoSaga – The background story

2 min read

Casino Saga comes with a nice story behind it that helps to understand the continuation of the saga. The story says that once upon a time, the Saga islands mysteriously appeared in an ocean far away from anywhere else. As time passed by, it became a land of small trouble and populated by people with love for games, in particular casino games.

The most important event of the year for Saga Islands´ population is the Casino Saga Olympics. The games take place only once per year at one of the 40 regions where they all compete in their favorite casino games. Each region has a specific favorite game in which they are best. For example, the laid-back people of Hero’s Paradise love Ticki Wonders while the habitants of Saga City are practically unbeatable in Diamond Dogs.

One year there was one person who scored the most in all the competition and who was named as the King of Sagaville. Since then, the King of Sagaville owned a beautiful golden crown that protected the Saga community.

Nevertheless, one terrible day the evil Betser, full of envy, stole the King’s golden crown, hid it in the Treasure Mountain and placed along the way 40 bosses for his protection.

There the battle starts. Who will be the first one bringing the golden crown back? What price will will offer for that? What will happen after? Those are some questions that pop out in our mind right now.

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