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CasinoSaga Recension

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Casino Saga is live – check how to get 250 , 500 or 700 free spins NetEnt

CasinoSaga Review

Many casinos claim they are something new and better, but to be frank not
many actually are!

When speaking to the team behind the site, they say they created the product
with four words foremost on their minds: engagement, entertainment,
rewards and anticipation.

Let’s go through the different features of the casino and determine how well
they have fulfilled their mission to create something unique!

First Impression

The first impression of the site is quite amazing. We don’t think there is any other
gaming site that has created such amazing graphics. The adventure begins on an
island located in the middle of a large ocean. It feels like you can look at it forever
and still find more details and fun things in the map.

Looking more carefully and hovering the mouse over the map you begin to see all
the different regions in the map but don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed there is
tutorial that can guide you. Going through the tutorial lets’ you roughly know how
Casino Saga works. You become a casino hero, move forward in the map and get to
challenge different bosses along the way.

Navigating the site in logged-out mode, you can access “The Saga” which explains
the background story to the adventure. During the Casino Saga Island Olympics, the
evil boss, Betser, has stolen a golden crown. To make it more difficult for you, Betser
has placed bosses in each of the Saga Islands. Your job is to beat all the bosses and
bring back the crown! This feels a bit like the story behind Super Mario Brothers,
where the aim was to save the princess.


Ok, let’s take a look at the games registration process. The registration process is rather classic, it is a one step registration and here you also get to choose which
avatar you want to be and here are 10 to choose from, 5 female and 5 male. You can
even read about the avatar’s stories and characteristics, so that you can choose the
one that most suits you. We find ourselves putting quite a lot of time selecting the
right one

Deposit Money

After registering you are taken directly to the deposit page where you are presented
with a nice visualization of how many free spins you will receive depending on how
much money you choose to deposit. The offer is quite generous we must say,
probably partly since Casino Saga focuses on free spins rather than handing out
loads of bonus money.

We chose to deposit using a credit card and the process was quite easy. Our initial
thought was that the free spins are activated by starting the corresponding games
but they are actually activated in the player inventory. This is quite nice since we
can choose to use our free spins any time we like.

Selecting Casino Games

Ok, let’s try some of the games features. On the map we can see that we are located
on the left, in a place called “Saga Ville” and our casino hero starts with 30XP. To
move forward, we simply find our favorite games. Casino Saga has games from
Betsoft and Netent, which is a nice combination.

Choosing games at Casino Saga is really easy; it has a clear interface and is suitable
for both, beginners and more advanced players with many search and filtering

Some games are locked and are called “Saga Edition” games. These games are
unlocked after beating different bosses. When asking the team behind Casino Saga
about these new editions of games they say they give more winnings to the player
than the same games at other online casinos.

There is another unique aspect here as we can choose either to play immediately or
select the option “Choose Machine” or “Choose Table”.
Every machine or table shows the latest payout percentage and the player can
choose his/her own machine according to this information.

Playing the Games

After loading a game you see yet another unique aspect to Casino Saga, there is a
progress bar located above the game that fills up is every time you bet, giving your
character more and more XP points. As the progress bar reaches the top, a challenge
button becomes available. After chatting with the makers of Casino Saga we
discovered that the XP points give you more chances to beat the boss.

When hitting the challenge button, you are taken to the boss game. The boss game
contains three wheels that you take turns spinning with the boss. You have a price in the middle and you can increase this by ending up at certain positions at the
wheel. The aim of the boss game is to get to the middle of the spinning wheel, hitting
your own arrow three times. This is a really fun extra game that gives you a chance
to win extra bonus, free spins and XPs.

Being Social

It is possible to see what other players are doing at Casino Saga. On your profile
page, you can see your progress throughout the saga with an interactive timeline.


Taking out money from Casino Saga couldn’t be more straightforward and easy. We
choose Trustly (bank) for our test. After making the withdrawal we can see that it is
pending and we have the option to cancel it in the interface. After leaving the game
for 3 hours, we got an email saying our withdrawal has been processed.


After playing at Casino Saga for a while we truly must say that they have raised the
bar in terms of the entertainment value you would expect to find in a casino game.
Old days of just putting casino games in a game lobby are over.

The epic background story, mind-blowing graphics, innovative details and the brand
new functions really brings casino gaming to the next level. Finally we have
something more than just a casino, we have – a Casino Saga.


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