January 24, 2021

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CasinoSaga launch this week’s

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CasinoSaga launch this week’s

CasinoSaga launch this week's May 2014

This week’s goal …is to let this Saga start!!!! CasinoSaga launch in few days from now.

We looking forward the big launch!

Testing goes good so far CasinoSaga

Boss Game in action. Willie the Giant has no chance this time


Testing goes good so far!

Willie the Giant from Ely region looks quite ready for his first battle

Willie the Giant from Ely region looks quite ready for his first battle. Who will be the first one challenging him?! Soon we will know…


CasinoSaga – new NetEnt casino! Get bonuses and free spins

Pre – register Here and become the first ever casino hero – get great stuff once we go live!

The pre-registered players will benefit of a special offer on Casino Saga launch, such as extra XP (needed to beat the bosses) and/or Free Spins

CasinoSaga - new NetEnt casino Get bonuses and free spins May 2014 premiere

CasinoSaga is brought to you by Scandinavian casino enthusiasts who want to take online casino to a whole other level. We promise to give a WOW experience with entertainment, excitement and large winnings

CasinoSaga - new NetEnt casino Get bonuses and free spins 2014
CasinoSaga offers an entire new experience in the online casino entertainment. Combining casino games and social features, Casino Saga offers the players a richer casino experience. If you are looking for something new try playing at CasinoSaga where you will be immerse on an unbelievable Saga.

CasinoSaga - new NetEnt casino bonuses and free spins
CasinoSaga is based on a background story that takes place on a magical world, the Saga Islands, where its 40 regions represent the 40 game levels. As any story, Casino Saga is built on the fight between the good and the bad. In this sense, the 10 heroes, that are the avatars players can choose from, fight against the bosses in order to bring back the golden crown stolen by the dragon Betser.

The road towards the evil Betser, who is hiding in the Treasure Mountain, is full with hinders, challenges, boss fights and of course, rewards. Before you meet Betser face to face you need to beat all the smaller bosses on your way. Beating Betser means you bring the crown back to the Saga Islands’ citizens and help them to live happily again. This will be, of course, rewarded with a huge win.

CasinoSaga - new NetEnt casino Get bonuses and free spins
All the challenges and missions you get on your way will be recompensed with prices such as trophies, bonus, free spins etc. Not only you can collect these prices on your profile but you can also share them in social media, eg. Facebook, and show off to your friends. Additionally, you can also become friends with other Casino Heroes, who are also in search of the golden crown. In the future more social feature will be added to make your casino experience in the Saga Islands even better.
Casino Saga game collection consists of slots, roulettes, blackjack, video poker and other casino games provided by well-known companies, NetEnt and BetSoft. These providers guarantee safe games with fantastic graphics and game experience.
The people behind Casino Saga are a team of casino enthusiasts that aim to offer the players a complete new experience within online casino. At Casino Saga , excitement and entertainment is not a promise but a fact.

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