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CasinoSaga – HEROES description

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The heroes are what the avatars that players can choose when registering at Casino Saga. At the moment 10 different avatars are available. Each avatar comes with a description that makes the player to feel identified with the character and helps deciding which avatar fits him/her better.
This document contains the description of all the avatars.


DWALIN - CasinoSaga Hero



A common trait amongst dwarfs of the Casino Saga Islands is their scepticisms to their surroundings. Some might even say they have a negative outlook. This however does not correspond at all to the casino hero Dwalin; he is cheerful and loves hanging around the Diamond Caves in the western part of Saga Islands.

Dwalin is, by dwarf standards, quite young. With his 72 years he is still referred by most other dwarfs as “junior”. Dwalin is famous for his luck, especially in his region’s favourite game, Boom Brothers. Dwalin is always sent out from the region’s Dwarf king to compete in the yearly Casino Olympics and the odds of him winning are quite low!

Dwalin usually hangs out with the casino hero Robina. They are not really into the same games but that doesn’t matter, they just love hanging out, always fighting over what is truly the best weapon, a bow or a stone axe.

Favourite game: Boom Brothers
Weapon: Stone Axe


OLORIN - CasinoSaga Hero




The wizard Olorin was born in Riddle City in the early days of Saga Islands. His father wanted him to become an entertainer, doing tricks for tourists downtown (which actually meant conning them from their money).

One day when his mother took him to play the region’s favourite game, “Secret Code,” she immediately discovered her son’s talent for the game. This game allowed Olorin to make full use of his cleverness and intelligence.

Olorin quickly became the casino champion of Riddle City at a very young age and was given the glowing wand that he always carries with him for good luck.

Olorin is a very friendly character. He loves to help other casino heroes out but also loves spending time by himself, practising or walking around the labyrinths of Riddle City.

Favourite game: Secret Stone
Weapon: Wand of light


HARRISON - CasinoSaga Hero




Harrison’s father is quite a calm man. He loves to read books and hang out in his library reading about history and politics. For some reason his mother is quite the opposite; she loves adventure, treasure hunting and ancient architecture.

Harrison, who grew up in Defender’s Valley is more like his mother the adventurer. By the age of 16 he ventured out on his own to go treasure hunting in the Cave of Horror. He brought back loads of free spins in Secret of Hours to the delight of his mother and worrying gaze father.

Harrison loves trying out new games and is very skilled at many different casino games. He can play single numbers roulette as well as doing high spins in Excalibur, all without breaking a sweat.

Harrison loves adventure. Moreover, being quite social, he always believes the more the merrier!

Favourite game: Roulette
Weapon: Grappling Hook


DRAGUNIA - CasinoSaga Hero




Dragunia was actually not the name she was born with, her birth name has long been forgotten, but rumour has it that it’s written in a cave wall somewhere in the caves of Bran, the region where she grew up.

Dragunia got her name when she adopted a baby dragon. At the age of 9 she was the only person in the village that could beat the little creature in the Dragon’s Island slot machine. The village was so impressed that it gave her a new name, Dragunia – the dragon goddess – and the baby dragon has followed her ever since.

Just like a dragon, she is calm and happily explores her surroundings, but if something threatens her, or if it’s time for the Casino Olympics, she becomes a fearsome combatant. She is especially well known in her regions favourite game, the slot Dragon’s Island.

Favourite game: Dragon’s Island
Weapon: Baby Dragon


WOLFENHEART - CasinoSaga Hero



Wolfenheart is all about nobility and honour. He is a true gentleman as well as a fearless warrior. He grew up in the Castle of Hearst with his father being the king of the region. All throughout his upbringing, everyone could hear his constant moaning about the high gaming taxes.

Wolfenheart usually heads out on adventures and loves to tell you about the time he got a hold of a ton of free spins in Egyptian Heroes game after beating the master in the Treasure Pyramids.

Wolfenheart is always up for a challenge and thinks he can master most games, but he has a special love for the Crusade of Fortune game where he can make use of his sword skills and tough armour.

The others rarely see Wolfenheart’s face because he always wears his helmet. He usually shows his beautiful face only during the Casino Olympics to delight the audience.

Favourite game: Crusade of Fortune
Weapon: Steel sword


JULIA - CasinoSaga Hero




Raised in Saga City, Julia is a city girl. She loves the high tempo of Saga City as well as the interaction with other people in the region.

Julia is a warm-hearted person and loved by everyone she meets. With her sparkling eyes and bubbly personality she charms most people. That is, until you see her play her region’s favourite game, Diamond Dogs, and then she is all about the win.

Julia usually hangs out in the city but definitely heads out for fun adventures when she has the opportunity to challenge others in local slots tournaments in the jungle.

Favourite game: Diamond Dogs
Weapon: Double guns


ROBINA - CasinoSaga Hero


Robina grew up in Shimmering with her parents and 4 brothers. As a child she became a master at handling her bow as well as beating her brother’s in the region’s favourite game, Robin Hood.

Robina enjoys hanging out in the forest with her favourite friend Dwalin who comes with her to practice casino games.

Robina is quite open to trying new games. Besides Robin Hood, she is also very skilled in Blackjack where she has an average win of over 120%. Moreover, she has won the Blackjack trophy in the Casino Olympics not only once but three times!

Favourite game: Robin Hood
Weapon: Bow


SABRINA - CasinoSaga Hero


Sabrina is a young sorcerous who grew up living with her mother in the Devil’s Gate region. Her mother is a magician and taught her all her tricks, which are especially valuable in the Devil’s Delight and Mythic Maiden games.

Sabrina is quite cheeky and has a bit of dark humour. Although she does not have many friends, the ones she has are very close and dear to her.

She tends to stick to her group at all times and will do anything for them to win. She is always travelling with her black cat that sometimes whispers in her ear when playing. No one knows what the cat is actually saying and Sabrina will never tell you either, but after a big win it usually appears on her screen.

Favourite game: Devil’s Delight
Weapon: Magic stick


GOMOR - CasinoSaga Hero



Gomor has been growing up in the Amber Astroid and no one really knows where he comes from. Rumour has it that he came from another casino world from a space ship that landed on Saga Islands (the one that can still be seen from the hills of the region).

Gomor has an almost antiheroic way of playing Starburst, and with his little chuckle every time he hits the stars, it makes his game play quite funny to see.

Happiness is the mood of Gomor, even when he has one of his rare down moments, he still cheers others and says his famous phrase “this is an epic day for playing casino games”.

He is perceived as being a bit peculiar, even awkward at times, walking slowly with his stick until, all of a sudden, he warps into super speed running to the closest starburst machine, poking at it with his space stick.

Favourite Game: Starburst
Weapon: Space stick


FANTA - CasinoSaga Hero


Fanta is from the mystical place known as Entowood. As Entowood is a place full of elves, trolls and other peculiar creatures, she has become a woman of nature.

She is in full harmony with all creatures, be it a magical talking rabbit or another casino hero, she always has glow of calmness and luck.

Fanta is playing according to the feeling of the environment, how the stars are aligned and what the horoscope is saying. She is skilled in all games but especially loves the nature inspired themed games, her favourite being the Trolls slot machine.

Fanta is not very competitive but loves to play together with others and feels almost the same joy when others win as when she wins herself.

Favourite Game: Trolls
Weapon: Mini Wand

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