November 25, 2020

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Casino Euro School – Progressive Jackpots

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Online slots are one of the most highly sought after types of online casino games.

Coming in a wide range of themes and gaming formats, slots have garnered a considerable following since online casinos have gained in popularity.

CasinoEuro guide – The appeal of online slots is very easy to understand – no complex expertise is required, just old-fashioned luck and patience. One of the most popular genres of slots are progressive jackpots, which offer players the possibility of landing a life-changing, real money jackpot.

If you have ever played at the best online casinos, you will have definitely come across titles such as Mega Fortune Dreams, Hall of Gods, and Piggy Bank. In this week’s tutorial, we will be covering the basics of how progressive jackpots work, some key features of these slot games, and also some of the best games that are currently available online.



The Basics of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of how progressive jackpots work, it is important to understand the two main types of progressive jackpots that players can find online.

Standalone progressive jackpot slots are those games that have a jackpot meter for a specific game that increases each time players place bets on that specific game. On the other hand, network progressive jackpots accumulate money across different slots games to feed towards a large jackpot. The latter types are the most common progressives found at online casinos, and generally carry the largest prize.

Standard slots will always have a fixed amount of money that a player can possibly win, but progressive jackpots continue to increase as more people play the game. This is because a small percentage of every wager is taken towards this big money pot – until someone eventually wins it and the process starts over again.

When playing progressive jackpot slots, it is important to keep in mind certain features of these games. Firstly, online casinos will always display a jackpot meter somewhere on the game to indicate the current jackpot prize amount.

In addition to this meter, players should also be aware of the ‘max coin’ or ‘max bet’ feature. This is because placing higher value bets on these types of slot games will make them more eligible to win the big prize – although possible, it is less common for players to win millions by placing a bet that is just a couple of cents.

What Are The Odds?

In general with progressive slots, the higher the jackpot amount, the lower the odds will be in favour of winning. The odds can be compared to that of a lottery, whereby the higher the number of people who buy tickets, the less the odds will be in the favour of your ticket.

Unlike standard slot machine games, it is difficult to estimate the odds of winning a progressive jackpot since they are dynamic games. Despite this, the prize is lucrative, so worth playing for on the side. Much like a lottery, it is never a good idea to put all your bankroll on one game. As such, players can focus on a couple of standard slot games that have a high RTP and then indulge in the progressive reel spins.

It’s Time To Aim High

There are several big progressive jackpot games that are currently available at CasinoEuro. Some of these have a relatively modestjackpot prize that sits below the 100k mark. These include Piggy Bank, Mr Toad, Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Jazz of New Orleans, Cosmic Fortune, and many more.

In addition to these, players can also attempt some of our progressive jackpots that carry a truly incredible real money pot. These include Joker Millions, Empire Fortune, Arabian Nights, Halls of Gods, and Mega Fortune Dreams. In addition to these, players might also be tempted to try Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah Isis, both of which have jackpots that run into several millions!

Despite the fact that the odds of landing a progressive jackpot may seem quite low, the lure of landing that top jackpot has not deterred the best slots players from giving it a shot, so make sure you join them and you could be our next big story!

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