February 26, 2021

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Cardbet – Iron Man EMOP Prague – €16,000

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Cardbet – Iron Man EMOP Prague – €16,000


Entraction will arrange VIP-point freerolls between the 1st of January and the 26th of January. There is one package to EMOP Prague worth €2,000 in each freeroll. Each package consists of tournament buy-in of €1,100, accommodation in a nice hotel for four nights and €350 in travel contribution that is credited to the player’s poker account.

The VIP-point buy-in starts at VIP1 on the 1st of January and the buy-in increases for each tournament. It starts out being very easy to qualify but it becomes harder and harder very fast. Earn as many VIP-points as you can and get up to five tries to win a seat. A maximum of one package each can be won.f

The VIP-points are calculated from 00:00 the 1st of January until the start of each freeroll.

More information about the EMOP can be found at European Masters Of Poker (EMOP)

 Iron Man EMOP Prague 1 VIP 1 January 1st 20:15 CET
 Iron Man EMOP Prague 2 VIP 25 January 4th 20:15 CET
 Iron Man EMOP Prague 3 VIP 50 January 8th 20:15 CET
 Iron Man EMOP Prague 4 VIP 100 January 12th 20:15 CET
 Iron Man EMOP Prague 5 VIP 250 January 15th 20:15 CET
 Iron Man EMOP Prague 6 VIP 375 January 18th 20:15 CET
 Iron Man EMOP Prague 7 VIP 500 January 22nd 20:15 CET
 Iron Man EMOP Prague 8 VIP 750 January 26th 20:15 CET

Terms & Conditions – Iron Man EMOP Prague Promotion

Start date: 2012-01-01 00:00 CET
End date: 2012-01-26 23:59 CET
Publication date: 2011-12-23 14:00 CET
Version number: 1.0

1. “EMOP Prague Promotions” packages are personal and cannot be sold or traded for cash.
2. Maximum one package can be won by a player in the “EMOP Prague Promotions” in January. In the event that one player has already won a package in a promotion in January the next placed finisher will win the package.
3. The age limit is 18 years.
4. “EMOP Prague Promotions” scores and prizes presented by Entraction Network are undisputable and final.
5. “EMOP Prague Promotions” prize is not deductable from any other bonuses or promotions.
6. Entraction Network reserves the right to close any account that is suspected to be involved in the abuse of this campaign and confiscate paid prizes on such accounts.
7. Entraction Network reserves the right to reasonably use player’s nickname for marketing purposes and in future promotions without additional compensation.
8. Entraction Network reserves the right to cancel or withdraw a promotional offer as well as changing the criteria for taking part of the offer at any time regardless of any information given in conjunction with the offer.
9. The regular Terms & Conditions applies on all promotions.
10. The original English version of this Terms and Conditions may have been translated into other languages. In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any other language version of this Terms and Conditions, the English language version shall prevail.

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