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Cardbet – Instant Reward Program

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Cardbet – Instant Reward Program


The Instant Reward Program gives players the opportunity to convert their Loyalty Points into rewards at any given time.

Every time Base Points are earned, Loyalty Points are earned as well. How many Loyalty Points that are earned depends upon the ratio decided by the players Loyalty Level which in turn is dependent on how many Base Points the player has earned during the last 60 days.

For every €0.50 raked in cash game or €0.50 paid in tournament fee, one (1) Base Point will be awarded. Partial Base Points are also awarded.

Base Points are only used as a mean of calculating player’s Loyalty Level and therefore they cannot be transferred, sold or traded.

How fast Loyalty Points are earned depends on the players’ Loyalty Point Multiplier, for example if the player is on Level 3 he or she will earn 1.4 Loyalty Points for each earned Base Point.

Loyalty Points can be traded for a reward at any given time as long as the player meets the level requirement for that reward.

Loyalty Point Multiplier

 LEVEL 1 1 BP = 1.00 LP
 LEVEL 2 1 BP = 1.20 LP
 LEVEL 3 1 BP = 1.40 LP
 LEVEL 4 1 BP = 1.70 LP
 LEVEL 5 1 BP = 2.00 LP
 LEVEL 6 1 BP = 2.30 LP
 LEVEL 7 1 BP = 2.70 LP
 LEVEL 8 1 BP = 3.00 LP


The Instant Reward Program contains eight (8) levels.

All players participating in the loyalty program will start at level one.

A player’s current level is based on how many Base Points the player has earned during the last 60 days. All Base Points earned from 00:00 CET/CEST 59 days back and including the current day is counted.

Example: If the current time is 2011-08-13 14:54 CET/CEST the Loyalty Level is based on Base Points earned since 2011-06-15 00:00 CET/CEST.

Loyalty Level Requirements

 LEVEL 2 100 BP
 LEVEL 3 225 BP
 LEVEL 4 500 BP
 LEVEL 5 1,000 BP
 LEVEL 6 3,000 BP
 LEVEL 7 6,300 BP
 LEVEL 8 14,000 BP

A player may be promoted or relegated through multiple levels at the same time.

The button will be present in the menu bar in the poker client if the player is participating in the Instant Reward Program.

Stars will represent the player’s current Level (1-8) while the progression bar shows the progress on the way to the next level.

Detailed information about the players Level, Base Points, Loyalty Points and Rewards can be found in the Loyalty Status Window.

The time for “Base Points since..” (03:00 in the screenshot) is presented in local time but is always 00:00 CET/CEST.  The format in which the date is presented (“22 jun 2011” in the screenshot) depends on the regional settings on the user’s computer.

The presentation of the Loyalty Points Balance is always rounded down to the nearest whole number.

A player can collect rewards at any time in the Loyalty Status Window. All available Loyalty Points can be used for collecting rewards that will instantly be available in the players poker account.

The availability of the rewards depends on the players’s Loyalty Level.

Available Rewards

 1+ 60 €3
 2+ 100 €5
 2+ 150 €8
 3+ 200 €11
 3+ 300 €17
 4+ 430 €25
 4+ 600 €35
 5+ 1,350 €80
 5+ 4,200 €250
 6+ 5,000 €300
 6+ 11,500 €700
 7+ 13,000 €800
 7+ 25,000 €1,550
 8 31,000 €2,000
 8 46,000 €3,000
 8 60,000 €4,000


Terms & Conditions – Instant Reward Program
Start date: 2011-11-01 00:00 CET
Publication date: 2011-10-31 08:00 CET
Version number: 1.0

1. Participation in the Instant Reward Program is subject to all terms, conditions and regulations of this program.
2. Entraction Network reserves the right to modify or cancel this loyalty program at any time without notice.
3. Entraction Network reserves the right not to award Base Points and Loyalty Points for acquired rake or fee during scheduled or unscheduled down time.
4. Loyalty Points may only be used within the Instant Reward Program and cannot be transferred, sold or traded in any way outside of the Instant Reward Program.
5. Base Points may not be transferred, sold or traded in any way.
6. All purchases made with Loyalty Points are final. No cancellations or refunds are permitted.
7. Entraction Network reserves the right to forfeit Loyalty Points if a player has not been active for the last six (6) months. A player is deemed to be active if at least a fraction of a Base Point is earned during the stipulated time period.
8. Entraction Network reserves the right to close any account that is suspected to be involved in the abuse of this loyalty program and confiscate paid prizes and points on such accounts.
9. The regular [Terms & Conditions] applies.
10. The original English version of this Terms and Conditions may have been translated into other languages. In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any other language version, the English language version shall prevail.

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