February 27, 2021

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Bosnia – Nigeria Offside position ? Check Yourself! QUIZ World Cup 2014

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Offside position ? Check Yourself! QUIZ

Bosnia-Herzegovina Robbed Of Goal By Offside Call In Loss To Nigeria?


Buitenspel – Offside
Geen buitenspel – NOT Offside

Offside quiz

The scoreboard will say that Bosnia-Herzegovina was defeated by Nigeria. But that won’t stop many from feeling it was an assistant referee who vanquished the Dragons at Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba on Saturday.With a controversial offside call disallowing a goal by striker Edin Dzeko, Bosnia-Herzegovina fell to Nigeria 1-0 in a Group F matchup. The loss eliminated Bosnia-Herzegovina from contention in its first-ever trip to the World Cup.

“Today we should have won this game,” Dzeko told Goal. “The referee was shameful in this competition. We are going home, we are sad because of that but this referee should be going home too. He changed the result and he changed the game. That’s why we lost.”


Offside (sometimes known as offsides) is Law 11 in association football which states that if a player is in an offside position (as defined below) when the ball is touched or played by a team-mate, the player may not become actively involved in the play. A player is in an offside position when closer to the opponent’s goal line than both the ball and the second-to-last defender (usually the last outfield player, the goalkeeper counting as last defender), and also in the opponent’s half of the pitch. “Offside position” is a matter of fact, whereas committing an “offside offence” occurs when a player is “actively involved” and is subject to the interpretation of the referee. Goals scored after committing an offside offence are nullified if caught by the referee.

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