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Book of Ra – review Novomatic slots

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Book of Ra is a unique and exciting slotmachine with a unique bonus concept that is both fun and rewarding.

The Book of Ra slot has 9 paylines and wild bonus symbols that act as substitution symbols in addition to being the key to the unique free spin bonus.

With an exciting Ancient Egyptian theme from the time of the Pyramids and Tutankhamuntheme and great player rewards available, it is clear to see why this is taking the world of online casinos by storm

The slot has a simple setup with 5 reels and 9 paylines for players to on. The game provide players with betting options that scale from as little as 1p and up to £450 per spin.


Book of Ra Bonus Feature

The Book of Ra free spin feature may not sound particularly great when you read that the players win 10 free spins with unique expanding symbols, – but this free spin bonus is amazing.

The feature is awarded each time three wild symbols appear anywhere on the slotmachine reels, this goes for normal spins and during the free spin feature.

The free spin feature seam to be much more easy to re-trigger than to trigger (start from scratch).

During the base-game the wild Book of Ra symbols appear much less than during the bonus feature.

This means that the feature is quite hard to start, on average it has taken me 361 spins, but once the feature is running it is very likely to be re-triggered for additional free spins.

The first thing players will see when the free spin feature is awarded as a small passive feature where a random slotmachine symbol is selected for the special Book of Ra feature.

The feature awarded for the screenshot had the A symbol as the free spin special symbol.

The special symbol is shown above the reels with a unique paytable that is used after normal payline wins based on ALL special symbols anywhere on the game paylines.

During the free spin feature, the special symbol appear with a solid background and a thick border that make them stand out from the rest.

The unique symbols can appear on each of the five reels and can be used for normal payouts in addition to the special feature payouts that are won after normal calculations.

When the normal slotmachine payouts are calculated, the unique Book of Ra bonus symbols expand to cover the entire reel they appear on.

The two screenshots here show the same spin on the slotmachine, before and after the bonus symbols expand.

When the bonus symbols have expanded, the unique paytable is used to determine the extra spin payouts based on all special symbols on each payline.
With the slotmachine setup i used for this game session, 4 A symbols on a payline result in a £8.00 prize. Since the symbols expand to cover all positions on the slotmachine reels, the payouts must be multiplied by the amount of active paylines.

I was playing with 9 paylines active and won £8.00 x 9 paylines = £72.00 with the extra payouts for this free spin alone.

As i wrote before, the Book of Ra free spin feature also offer normal payline prizes.

The payouts and symbols that players can enjoy during normal spins are still in effect, but the wild symbol seam to appear more often.

This free spin screenshot show a perfect payline combination with a re-trigger and a single special symbol.

This means that i won 10 additional free spins in addition to one of the top slotmachine prizes!

The free spin feature can also be re-triggered with spins that dont include a special symbol or high payouts.

The feature re-trigger each time three or more scattered wild Book of Ra symbols appear on the slotmachine reels.

Each time the feature is re-triggered 10 additional free spins are added to the bonus feature counter that show the amount of free spins left during the feature.

The Book of Ra feature ends when the free spin counter reaches the amount of free spins won by players.

The counter starts at 10 (with 10 free spins won) and increase by 10 each time players re-trigger the feature.

When the feature ends, a summary screen is show with the players total win amount (for all prize types during the feature) and the total amount of free games the feature had.

Book of Ra is one of the exclusive slot games at QuasarGaming , so you wont be able to play it at any other online casino.

Book of Ra Paytable

If you are familiar with Novomatic slots, then you will be pleased to know that the game paytable is designed with as much details and the same easy overview as the other games.

You only need to check out the first page to see exactly what you will win with each possibel combination on the game reels, and unlike most other slots the amounts are shown in real cash and not coins or points.

The second you chance the coin denomination for the slot, the paytable is updated with new values that show what you will win with the different combinations.

Players that want to know more about the game can click on the paytable button several times to browse thru the paytable and rules library that answer every question players might have regarding the slot with nice graphics that make everything easy to grasp.

Even features such as the unique expanding feature is explained with images, animations and large fonts that make the rules easy to read for everyone.

The animated help pages show how the slotmachine symbols behave during the free spin feature and cycle thru several symbols so that players can see the feature in advance.

My favorite part fo the Novomatic paytable is the last page. This page explain the slotmachine return to player percentace (RPP), and show the percentage for everyone to see.

With an RPP of 96.99% the Book of Ra slotmachine is one of the best games in the online industry so all else equal the slotmachine is a good place to have fun and hunt for prizes and entertainment.

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