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bonuses & other casino promotions domain occupied, Calvin Ayre charged, Ayre replies

3 min read domain occupied, Calvin Ayre charged, Ayre replies

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) took over the domain name on Monday. Today, Bodog founder Calvin Ayre has been accused by government prosecutors.

Update 21:00 clock: Calvin Ayre responded
Calvin Ayre has responded to the news of his indictment on its own website,

“I see this as an abuse of the American criminal justice system for commercial purposes, major U.S. corporations. It is clear that online gambling is legal in international law, in the case of these documents is so obvious to try that the state not slowing down law to assault to win the war of public opinion. ”

“These documents were submitted to Forbes magazine, before they were made elsewhere, and developed with the use of media as their primary purpose. Everyone wants to look at it and discuss the future of our consultants, but it will not prevent me from many business interests in the world that is not unrelated to anything in the U.S. and will not stop me a lot of charity projects in my foundation. ”

The site also posted the official documents of the prosecution. They also show that Bodog Entertainment is the payment of $ 100 million in sports gambling winnings by bank transfer and checks will be charged by payment processors in the U.S. and spend $ 42 million from an unnamed player media companies to advertise in the United States.

Update 16:45 CET: Calvin Ayre accused
Calvin Ayre
According to Forbes Bodog founder Calvin Ayre has become the prosecutors in Baltimore have been indicted. He was charged with illegal gambling activities and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Philip James, David Ferguson and Derrick Maloney – Three other men were indicted by the prosecutor Rod Rosenstein. The company Bodog Entertainment Group, is also under indictment.

Also adopted the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the domain name. We’ll bring you more on this news to bring, how it develops. domain occupied
An article in says that the first news leaked out of the seizure by message came to VeriSign to DHS, the Secretary of the Internet. Com, including one belonging to Bodog.

Calvin Ayre, Bodog founder of the fire, said: “ complete organization is based outside the U.S. brand from the market last year and the relevant domain for more than the world, we are licensed only in the process completely dormant license agreements outside the U.S. so .. This website has no place in our current plans. ” domain name is inactive for several months now, since the Bodog brand left the U.S. in July 2011th in December 2011 launched Bodog domain and that is still active and is used to serve the U.S. players.

It is unclear whether other brand Bodog domains by the United States Department of Homeland Security are aligned

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