December 2, 2020

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Blood Suckers 2: The Vampires are back – Betsafe review

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NetEnt ups the ante with Blood Suckers 2, the long-awaited follow up to their previous smash hit.

An appropriately gothic atmosphere all-game-round and some great bonuses will immerse you into this dark but delicious world.

When NetEnt released Blood Suckers onto an unsuspecting gaming crowd, they must have known the vampire-themed slot would strike at a raw nerve. After all, the titular ‘blood suckes’ have never gone out of fashion, so choosing the nocturnal children of the night must have been something of a no-brainer for a company that clearly has more than one eye on the pop culture zeitgeist.

That said, a game’s staying power is not determined by aesthetics or gimmicks alone, and the cleverly put together mechanics of Blood Suckers are really what ensured that players, perhaps initially ‘sucked in’ by the superficial premise, kept coming back for more.

Now, Blood Suckers 2 invites that same crowd back with a souped-up sequel crammed with some great bonuses, and even a new personage to join the fray, as the crossbow-wielding vampiress Amilia is keen to secure a Hidden Treasure!


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Game Theme And Background

With Blood Suckers 2, NetEnt is stuffing you straight into the shoes of the young vampires Amilia. She’s arrived to the old (crumbling) home stead to reclaim what’s hers… that is, the Hidden Treasure that belonged to her ancestors who were mowed down by vampire hunter’s years prior. Immortal but young, neither has Amilia put her as-yet scant years on the earth go to waste, making sure to brush up her skills with the crossbow – which she’s now keen to finally put into action.

It’s the crossbow shots that will enable her to secure one of the two Random Features: Bonus Shot Feature or Scatter Shot Feature.

The old vampire castle is about as crumbly as you’d expect it to be, and the vines have infested the architecture… and more importantly to you, dear player, the columns that make the Blood Rose Free Spins!

Once Amilia cracks open the entrance to the treasury, the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game gets underway. But it’s not just basic lucre and coin that you’ll find in these creaky old chests. They can also house Scatters, Keys to next levels… but watch out! It’s not all fun and games and loot – Demons also lurk there! But each challenge has its reward: escaping the demon will also unlock the Great Treasure Win!


Blood Suckers 2 is a Spinning Reels video slot with 3 reels, 3 rows, 25 bet lines that builds up on Net Ent’s previous success story, Blood Suckers and offers players a great gaming experience steeped in the gothic splendour of the vampire castle.

Game Grid

An extra level of immersion is guaranteed by letting the player take on the role of the appealing and powerful vampiress Amilia who shoots her crossbow to unleash bonuses and other features. With fantastic graphics pointing the way for the player clearly and beautifully, Blood Suckers 2 is an easy-to-follow game that’s guaranteed to make the players sit up, pay attention and take risks.

As pictured above, the gaming interface for Blood Suckers II guarantees a user-friendly experience. See, for example the ‘left and right’ arrows. These increase and decrease the bet level — which means the number of coins per bet line — by 1. To increase or decrease faster, the player can click and drag the slider below.

Now, clicking the ‘Spin’ button — that’s that big gorgeous ruby right at the middle — will enable you to start a game round at the current bet level and coin value. The ‘MAX BET’ button enables you to crank the game up to the highest bet level and the current coin value. Clicking the left and right arrows under ‘Coin Value’ increases and decreases the coin value to the next level — click and drag the slider to increase or decrease faster.

Also, watch out for those Wild symbols! They can appear anywhere on the reels in the main game as well as Blood Rose Free Spins, and also substitute for all symbols barring Scatter and Bonus ones. Wild symbol substitutions make for the most powerful winning combo on a bet line, as per Paytable.

Bonuses & Special Features

Blood Rose: Free Spins

As you’re creeping around Amilia’s old family castle, don’t underestimate the power of the Blood Rose Free Spins. The way to unlock this coveted symbol of dark romance is by securing 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels in the main game – this will give you 10 Blood Rose Free Spins. Three or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels in Blood Rose Free Spins will unlock 10 Blood Rose Free Spins.

Fancy a coin win with that? It can be yours if you’re lucky enough to be blessed by 2 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels in the main game and in Blood Rose Free Spins, according to Paytable. Scatter wins amount to the value shown in the Paytable, as multiplied by the bet level. Only the highest Scatter win per spin will be paid out.

Further Blood Rose Free Spins are instantly added to the current Blood Rose Free Spins. During these, all bet line and Scatter wins are enhanced by the x3 Multiplier.

Blood Rose Free Spins are played at the same bet level and coin value as the round that would activate Blood Rose Free Spins.

The total win from the Blood Rose Free Spins is added up – at the end – to any wins from the round that activated it. At the end of Free Spins, on the other hand, the game returns to the round that activated Free Spins.

Hidden Treasure Bonus Game

Crossbows at the ready! 3 or more Bonus symbols showing up at any point on consecutive reels – from the leftmost reel – will leave you in with a chance of securing the Hidden Treasure, as they activate the Hidden Treasure Game!

If this Bonus Game is unlocked with 4 Bonus symbols, all coin wins in the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game will be doubled.

If the same is activated with 5 symbols instead, all coin wins in the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game get tripled instead.

The Hidden Treasure Bonus Game is structured like a pick and click treasure-hunting game made up of 5 levels, each of which has 5 options. The player – that is, Amilia – sorts through the coffins and chests to unleash either coin wins, a Key symbol a Scatter symbol or – if they’re unlucky – the Demon.

Scatter Shot & Bonus Shot Features

There are two Random Features that can be activated at random throughout the game: the Bonus Shot Feature and the Scatter Shot Feature.

The Scatter Shot Feature is activated once two Scatter symbols land on the reels, resulting in one extra Scatter symbol being dished out – in turn activating 10 Blood Rose Free Spins. All medium win symbols on the reels then also award coin wins of 10 to 100 times the bet level.

The Bonus Shot Feature, on the other hand, awards one extra overlay Bonus symbol on reels 1 through 3. Note also that any Random Feature wins get added to any bet line wins.

Blood Suckers 2 Touch Version For Mobile

Just like its predecessor, Blood Suckers 2 has the added value of being a fully-compatible ‘Touch’ game, which means it is available to be played on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

The ready availability of such a popular title like Blood Suckers 2 on a variety of platforms only confirms that NetEnt certainly has its finger on the pulse of its players, ensuring that they are not only plied with high-quality games on a regular basis, but that enough options are given to them vis-a-vis gaming platform to ensure both accessibility and comfort.


Blood Suckers 2 offers a Return to Player total of 96.94%, with 63.6% on the Main Game and 13.7% on the Blood Rose Free Spins. The Hidden Treasure Bonus Game, on the other hand, doles out 19.7%. The total hit frequency is at 40.7% while the Maximum Payout from the main game is at €100,000/100,000 coins on a single bet line.

Players should also note that the maximum win of a game round may in the end amount to more than the maximum coinciding win, since a game round may include several spins.

Payout Rules

Bet line wins are paid off if they occur in succession from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. A bet line win in coins equates to the value shown in the Paytable, as multiplied by the bet level.

Bet level amounts to the number of coins bet per line. A bet line win in currency corresponds to the win in coins, as multiplied by the coin value. Only the highest win per bet line is paid out.

Simultaneous wins occurring on varying bet lines are added up. Two or more Scatter symbols showing up anywhere in the main game, as well as the Blood Rose Free Spins result in a coin win for the player, as per the Paytable.

Scatter wins pay out the value shown in the Paytable, as multiplied by the bet level, and only the highest Scatter win per spin is paid out.

Volatility & Wagering Limits

Both player and casino operator can set the following limits: bet and loss per session, day, week or month. Blocking all play for a specified period of time is also an option, as is restricting session play length in minutes. Playing for real, on the other hand, is restricted by player account funds.

Overall Impression

Blood Suckers 2 continues to build on the great franchising potential of its predecessor, and is sure to be adopted with glee by the many and long-standing fans of Net Ent’s original flagship title. With enhanced graphics and added interactivity thrown into the mix — allowing the player to identify with a cool and well-realised protagonist in Amilia — there is no reason why the game shouldn’t readily follow on the coattails of the much-loved original.

Thanks to an alluring interface and a couple of great bonus features — and the Hidden Treasure Bonus Game offering some bona fide gaming thrill as well as wins — Blood

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