January 23, 2021

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Big prize on Bet-At-Home 1650.00 euros

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Winner of The Day on Bet At Home


Big prize on Bet-At-Home 1650.00 euros


Time is running out! If the customer Bożena G. (13***934) logs into their bet-at-home account before 11.59pm (CET), they’ll win 1650.00 euros! If the user doesn’t log in, the amount will increase by 50 euros and tomorrow’s “Winner of the Day” will get 1700.00 euros.


DateWinner of the DayStatusWinnings
02.01.2015Bożena G. (13***934)not redeemed1650.00 EUR
01.01.2015Adam I. (15***299)not redeemed1600.00 EUR
31.12.2014Artur Ś. (14***371)not redeemed1550.00 EUR
30.12.2014Milan P. (15***607)not redeemed1500.00 EUR
29.12.2014Daniel B. (15***572)not redeemed1450.00 EUR
28.12.2014Jens W. (15***151)not redeemed1400.00 EUR
27.12.2014Anna F. (14***668)not redeemed1350.00 EUR
26.12.2014Peter S. (14***978)not redeemed1300.00 EUR
25.12.2014Kacper Ś. (14***945)not redeemed1250.00 EUR
24.12.2014Markus H. (15***331)not redeemed1200.00 EUR
23.12.2014Łukasz K. (15***015)not redeemed1150.00 EUR
22.12.2014Tomasz P. (12***805)not redeemed1100.00 EUR
21.12.2014Grzegorz M. (12***238)not redeemed1050.00 EUR
20.12.2014Ali O. (14***956)not redeemed1000.00 EUR
19.12.2014Andrzej N. (13***077)not redeemed950.00 EUR
18.12.2014Malgorzata T. (15***970)not redeemed900.00 EUR
17.12.2014Benjamin B. (15***134)not redeemed850.00 EUR
16.12.2014Grzegorz P. (15***894)not redeemed800.00 EUR
15.12.2014Dario T. (13***820)not redeemed750.00 EUR
14.12.2014Patrick L. (14***635)not redeemed700.00 EUR
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