January 20, 2021

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Betsson – play Hero 6 and win €100 000 cash

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Betsson Hero 6


Betsson – play Hero 6 and win €100 000 cash



Betsson have a new promotion live were players need to guess the score in 6 Copa America games to get the chance to win $100,000. This promotion will be live till the 19th June.



Correctly predict the correct score of 6 games to win €100,000 cash.
Entry is free for all players who have made a deposit on Betsson this year.

Betsson - play Hero 6




*Betsson have also launched a RFB non Copa America and Half time FS. 10 $ RFB in the first game of the tournament. 5 FS on Gonzos quest during all group games. This promotion is available to players from the following countries, Peru, Mexico and Chile. This promotion will be live until the 15th June.

**Betsson are also giving away 10 €RFB on the Euro Qualifiers. This promotion is open for Swedish and Polish customers between the 9th June and the 16th June




Rules Hero 6:

1. The €100,000 jackpot is awarded to the player who correctly predicts the scores in ALL six Hero Six fixtures in a relevant week.
2. Final  score: the official result after the full game is finished.
a. If there are two or more players who have correctly predicted the score of all fixtures, the Jackpot Competition prize will be split equally amongst those players.
3. The Hero Six competition is only available to registered customers from Sweden, Poland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Iceland and the Netherlands who have made a deposit of minimum €10 since 2014-06-06
4. Only one entry per registered email, per week.
a. If Betsson has reasonable grounds to believe that multiple accounts have been opened by or are under the control of the same person, all such accounts will be closed and all entries will be disqualified from participating Hero Six or receiving any prizes.
5. The competition closes before Kick Off of the first game detailed above. Once the competition has closed entrants cannot change their predictions.
6. Your guess will be sent to your registered email. Make sure to save this e-mail, Betsson are not going to be able to provide your guess until after the last Hero Six game is finished.
7. If any fixture is postponed, abandoned or not completed, the fixture will be considered void. If only five fixtures are completed during any round the jackpot will be €10,000/100 000 kr/ $10,000 . If 4 or less of the Hero Six fixtures is played, the competition round that week is voided.
8. The prize is €100,000/ 1 000 000 kr/ $100,000/ 400,000 PLN.
9. Winners will be notified by email.
10. In entering the Promotion, you agree to take part in all post competition publicity which may be featured on Betsson’s websites, blogs and social media pages or other media as selected by Betsson. You agree to the use of your name, initial and image for such publicity and to attend post competition publicity events which may include media interviews, events and/or publicity photo shoots.

Terms and conditions:

1. This promotion is not valid for any Betsson Group employee.
2. In any dispute relating to the Bonus, Betsson.com’s decision is final and any ruling made by Betsson.com shall not be subject to review or appeal by you or by any third party.
3. General Terms and Conditions apply.
4. The Terms and Conditions of the Risk Free Bet were prepared in English. If there are any inconsistencies in translated versions, the English version shall apply.

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