February 25, 2021

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Betsson is luck on your side?

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Betsson is luck on your side


Lightning is able to strike the same place twice; this is scientifically proved. To win the jackpot twice is also possible as proved by Betsson winners.

Last year a man in Sweden won one of the biggest jackpots in the history of Betsson. Recently the same lucky man won the jackpot of Arabian Nights, making him a jackpot millionaire for the second time! Striking it lucky indeed.

Another man recently played for two euros and won the jackpot of 360.000 euros. And it does not stop there; this lucky player also won a trip to Brazil and will be witnessing the enthusiasm of the World Cup live in Rio.

Apparently anything can happen; Luck can strike twice and make you a millionaire more than once.
So how come some people are favoured by lady luck and some are not? Can it be that some people are born under a lucky star? Are you likely to be more lucky (or unlucky) if you are playing during a particular time, a certain day or by living in a certain city?

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We have gathered some lucky facts for our Nordic players out there. Learn about your chances to strike gold.

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