November 26, 2020

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Betsson casino – Win €10,000 with Jackpot Plus every week

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Betsson casino - Win 10,000 with Jackpot Plus every week


Betsson casino – Win €10,000 with Jackpot Plus every week


We love to see Betsson players and Betsson want to reward you with a fantastic prize. Every week, all jackpot winners on the Betsson Classics will share a weekly prize pool of €10,000. And we’re going to replicate this amazing offer throughout 4 weeks…..

How does it work?

Just win a jackpot at one of Betsson Classics. If 100 players win the jackpot in the first week, they will each be rewarded with €100 cash. Even better, if you win the jackpot more than once, you’ll still get a share of the prize pool. And if Lady Luck is on your side, the more jackpots you win, the more shares you’ll get.

Betsson want to celebrate every win with Betsson players. With so many winning the jackpots everyday at Betsson Classics, what better way to reward their loyalty than by giving them a little something extra to make their week extra special.


The exclusive Betsson Classics has proven to be tremendously popular with their entertaining bonus rounds and 3 rapid jackpots. Find your favourite Betsson Classic, whether in the Wild West or in a cozy Jazz Club.

Now you can win even more when you hit any of the jackpots in this collection. Every week all the players who have won 1 jackpot will get a share of €10,000. With jackpots falling out several times every day there’s plenty of opportunity to get your share of the extra cash prize!


1. Play

Play any of the 10 Betsson Classics on your desktop or on your mobile


2. Jackpot

Win any jackpot – big or small and qualify for your share of €10,000!


3. Win extra!

Every Friday all of last week’s jackpot winners get their share of €10,000 cash in their accounts

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