January 23, 2021

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Betsafe Loyalty Program – Poker Black Gold

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Betsafe Loyalty Program – Poker Black Gold

Our “Black Gold” VIP Program is simple, easy to understand, but most importantly it rewards all players regardless of playing level. This is how it works: You earn Player Points by playing in any real money cash games and tournaments, and you can exchange these Player Points earned for cash. The amount of points that you are allowed to exchange for cash depends on your current VIP Level. As soon as you reach the Player Points target for a VIP Level you will be immedialty upgraded and you will keep that level until the last day of the following calendar month. In the Poker Client you can easily track your VIP Level, Player Points earned, and the amount of points available for cash exchange. It is also in the Poker Client that you exchange your points for cash up to the maximum percentage allowed for your VIP Level. The remaining points (non-cashable points) are bonus points which can be used to buy into certain multi-table tournaments. At what time you choose to cash-in is completly up to you but remember that your Player Points will expire after 180 days from the date earned. The Loyalty Program in the Poker Client is displayed in EUR rather than USD and today’s exchange rate will apply. No opt-in is required, simply start playing, earn Player Points, and exchange for cash – It is as easy as that!

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