January 18, 2021

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Betsafe €100,000 casino Challenge Free Spins, Bonuses, Cash and €20,000

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Betsafe 100,000 casino Challenge Free Spins



Betsafe €100,000 CASINO CHALLENGE
Free Spins, Bonuses, Cash and a €20,000 Grand Prize up for grabs!




We’re challenging you to become a Betsafe Casino Champion!

Are you up for it? It’s not the natural talent, the physical gifts or the training you have that will separate you from the rest, but the weekly challenges you have ahead of you with a combined value of €100,000 including Free Spins, Bonuses and Cash!

Conquer any of the weekly challenges to be one of the 11 Champions to get into the semi-finals and choose any of our Champion prizes including VIP Trips, Sporting Events, Cash Prizes, the coolest Gadgets and so much more from our huge €100,000 prize pool.

The final 11 will compete in a series of Blackjack Tournaments where the last one standing will be crowned as the ‘All Time Champion’ and win a whopping €20,000 in cash!!

So, are your cojones big enough to beat us?

YES?? – Be an All Time Champion and OPT IN NOW!

  •  Then, follow the instructions for each weeks Challenge.
  •  Complete the challenge, choose a Champions prize and you will qualify for one of the semi-final Blackjack tournaments taking place on the 20th and 21st July.
  • The last three Champions standing of each semi-final will go on to the Final Blackjack tournament.
  • The last Champion standing in the final Blackjack Tournament bags €20,000 in cash!
  • Champions will be given a set amount of chips for the semi-finals and final and the last player left with chips is the winner.




Riddle me this, Riddle me that!

It’s back! We’ve got new riddles, puzzles and brain teasers for you to scratch your head about…

The challenge is on to find the 1st Casino Champion! Are you going to prove yourself worthy? It won’t be easy!

Defeat the Challenge by Opting-in and following the steps! If you manage to get through all the riddles you are in with a chance to be declared the 1st Champion in a draw being held next Monday. There are also rewards for runners-up; €1,500, €1,000, €750, €500, €250.

Hint: All the Riddles refer to our Casino Slot Games in the Video Slots Category




Step 1

Opt-in, wager a minimum of €20 on any Slots and check your messages to reveal your first Reward Riddle.

Step 2

Guess and open Mystery Game #1 to instantly receive your first 5 Free Spins.

Step 3

Use your free spins then check your messages again to reveal the Task Riddle with your wagering requirement.

Step 4

Guess and open Mystery Game #2 and complete your wagering requirement. If you guessed the right game another Reward Riddle will appear in your messages.

Step 5

Guess and open the game to receive your Free Spins.

Step 6

Repeat the steps 3-5 for 2 more times by Monday to receive up to 50 Free Spins in total.



Reward and Task Table

RiddlePlayer ActionReward
#1Find the game to get Free Spins5 Free Spins worth €0.15 each
#2Guess the game and wager €20Get your next Mystery Game
#3Find the game to get Free Spins5 Free Spins worth €0.20 each
#4Guess the game and wager €50Get your next Mystery Game
#5Find the game to get Free Spins15 Free Spins worth €0.20 each
#6Guess the game and wager €75Get your next Mystery Game
#7Find the game to get Free Spins25 Free Spins worth €0.25 each

* Wagering needs to be on the correct game for the next riddle to appear.

Week 1 – Riddler Challenge


Week 2 – Jackpot Challenge

Week 3 – Achievements Challenge

Week 4 – Tournament Challenge


Week 5 – Jackpot Challenge

Week 6 – Riddler Challenge

Week 7 – Achievements Challenge

Week 8 – Tournament Challenge

Week 9 – Jackpot Challenge

Week 10 – Riddler Challenge

Week 11 – Achievements Challenge

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